Other Continents

The Adventurers from far off lands, no one knows who they were before, not many who even knew them as they travelled across Alf knew, but they were something new in a world on the brink of Chaos. Bringing in new items from far off lands they set themselves up with a good amount of starting gold to help in their travels though their knowledge of new lands was little in comparison.
+150 gold

Other Continents on the planet you could have originated from:

A Rather wide spread continent to the south of Alf, full of interesting characters and stories, the most heard of is the Dragon Slayer who defeated the Grand Dragon Slyph back in 912 Ye. Lizard-Hunting became a lucrative and famous profession amongst the populace, trying to become the next Dragon Slayer or at least follow in his footsteps. Dragon hide armour, bone, and scales are common sights in this land due to the hunting of Dragon-Kin. With the most interaction with Alf, Sunderrar is the biggest continental trade line.
The Populace of Sunderrar is mostly comprised of Humans and Small-Kin, due to Dragon-Kin being the hunted and Elves could not travel here with much ease.
Native Feats:
Favoured Enemy – Dragon
Favoured Enemy – Humanoid (reptilian)

To the east of Alf is a Compilation of small islands and larger land-masses, all linked by their continental plate, evolving the populace to have water-linked aesthetics and abilities, making them water-orcs and reptilian like. Trading in trinkets and baubles, the inhabitants of Brigga like their aesthetics and style over anything else, sometimes lacking in power over their charismatic natures.
The major populace of Brigga consists of Dragon-Kin, with half breeds of other races, though there are quite a few Elf-Kin here as well as their adaptability to the surrounding area helped their race thrive.
Native Feats:
Smooth Talker – +1 on Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.
Port Savvy – +4 bonus on all Gather Information checks when used in a seaside port city.

A long mass of land to the west of Alf, with several islands surrounding it, is the continent of Carmenia, a very industrial and almost steam-punk place. Investing in technology and transport Carmenia is further ahead in terms of intelligence and progress then the other continents, besides the Humans in Alf. The latest biggest invention was by a Half Dwarf-Gnome Cid, the prototype name was called Ship of the Air, but it isn’t ready for commercial release just yet. Since Carmenia is so advanced they have regular communication with the Humans of Alf, but mostly to their military and Government.
The population of Carmenia is Human and Small-Kin in its entirety, other species are a new sight on the land, Dragon-Kin being thought of as flying dragons in the sky and Elves being a myth. Though other species do grace their lands here and there but never more than double digits.
Native Feats:
Natural Skill – You gain 1 extra skill point per level (and 4x skill points at first level).
Skill Focus – You get a +3 bonus on all checks involving that skill. (Choose any INT based skill)

Other Continents

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