Order of the Holy Snake

Mark: A spiral Snake with a shedding skin.
Allowance: The world accepts OHS as a valid religion and doesn’t apprehend the followers, even if they are Elf-Kin. Though they are not immune from the law. All followers must have the mark or be prosecuted in most cities for indecent exposure.
Domain: Creation, Craft, Renewal.
Lesser Domains: Community, Balance, Animal
Home Plane: Material Plane

The order of the Holy Snake are a long lasting order comprised of all races, genders and backgrounds who follow the way of the flesh.
The holy scriptures of the Order tell the story of Sasori, the Snake of Creation. Sasori was the only living thing in the world, alone in a vast sphere of Pangea and Sea. Sasori travelled the world creating holes and craters in the earth for where the rivers would flow through, pushing together dirt to make the mountains and shedding his skin to make the caves and homes of the natural world.

One day Sasori threw up remains from his meals of the world, like he would do every week, but this time something new came out, the first LizardFolk. From that day on Sasori continue to make a new race every week, all with different skins, furs and scales, the last of all being the gnomes.

All the races praised Sasori as their God and creator, and he was overcome with emotion from the praise as he was unaccustomed to other intelligible beings. Decades past and the races made their own offspring and began to visit Sasori less and less as the years went by. Sasori seeing his work finished and his creations fending for themselves, went off into the world to create a new Land.
It is said Sasori will return one day, with a variety of new races to welcome into his old home, though some still think he never left and merely became one with Alf.

The followers of flesh follow the look of their Creator, the one state they knew all along, the way of Flesh. It is in their teachings to forever be naked, to show off all parts of their skin or fur to the world and not hide behind clothes. They believe that when Sasori returns he will recognise them as his children and bring them to the promised lands he has created.

Order of the Holy Snake

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