Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Alf Log Session 57 - (Stu)

Session Recap By Carric:
Time seemed to slow for Carric while catching his breath after the onslaught brought on by the twelve snapping heads of the monster before him. He saw Faugor give the ‘what are we up against?’ look. Carric cleared his mind in order to pull from the vast knowledge that the Tower of Battle had bestowed upon him. Memories that weren’t his washed over Carric. Within a moment he knew of the creature’s aversion to cold weather and magic.
“Ice it, Faugor!” Carric yelled, opening up a mighty wound across the hydra’s chest with the Samael Sword. A torrent of Ice and snow blasted past Carric as Faugor released his fury upon the devils and hydra. The hydra reared back bloody and wounded but ready to visit another attack upon Carric. Blocking and dodging Carric managed to fend off most of the viperous heads. Then the familiar cracking sound of gun shots can be heard behind him. The hydra falls to the ground, dead.
“Damn pistols jam everytime,” Vibi could be heard saying. Carric turned back to check on his friends only to be greeted by a torrent of flames. While Vibi side stepped the blast casually while unjamming one of her pistols. The flames subsided revealing everyone to be alive, if not well. The devil that had unleashed the massive flame attack stood motionless, it’s face contorted in pain. It fell to the ground with two puncture wounds barely visible in the devil’s back. Since no one could be seen, Carric surmised it was Achlys handywork. The remainder of the 2nd Wave of monsters was easily despatched. Two dragons and an undead humanoid made up the final wave. It seemed that the Party was anxious to fight Manaem as they made quick work of the monsters.
Carric lead the charge at Manaem in an attempt to keep him preoccupied. Manaem put his sword through Carric’s chest. He could feel his life force weakening, so Carric cut out his own tongue. Carric was knocked unconscious. When he came to, the fight with Maneam was in full swing. A dragon and fire giant had been summoned and Manaem was surrounded. The battle raged on all across the huge room as Manaem tried to kill Diana and Dyfros but the two had a myriad of duplicates ready for such an attack. While Vibi had fallen, Ruby prayed for her soul to remain and give us time to revive her. When Manaem was felled for the final time the very earth began to shake…
Killed a lot of monsters
Killed Manaem


Quote of the Game:
”You don’t need to know, you can just…you can just feeeel it. You know something bad is going to happen to youuu.” – Jack, in regards to Invisible Achlys giving Faugor the Death Stare.

Vibi and her Kill Steal Streak:



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