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Alf Log Session 54 - (Stu)

Session Recap as told by Carric:
After recovering a body very similar in appearance to Adrien, which had been Morgan’s mission all along, we made our way into the common room of the 2nd floor. Just as Achlys started to work on getting a door open “a tear in our plane opened up” and a Nightwalker stepped through, right-in-front of me. When the creature ripped Bessona from my hands, I was left momentarily speechless…then I let loose as much fire as I could muster. It was when the Nightwalker dodged much of the blast simply deflected the rest that I came to my senses shouting to the party of all the monsters natural defenses. The enormous claws of the Nightwalker wrapped around Besonna; I knew what was going to happen and I helpless to change the fate. She was crushed to dust before my very eyes. Our Little Hero (Axl), Vibi, and Ruby all seemed to fall victim to this Nightwalker’s fearful presence, though I could not blame them. Achlys, Faugor, Dyfros, Diana, and Kalinth joined me in fiercely striking this creature with our full range of attacks. Using the ‘Bastard Sword of Artin Nilrem’ Kalinth graciously borrowed to me, I stuck the final blow through the Nightwalker’s hand and into its head.
All was Silent – Besonna, my ‘Oath Keeper’ had fallen. When I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to see Dyfros standing over me. All of my friends were staring at me, they were all very supportive. We’ve all lost so much, even as we have risen to become Heroes of Boccob.
We freed more creatures on this floor and made our way up to the 3rd and final floor of this building. We found a Nameless Adamantine Dragon on the 3rd floor. We did our best to befriend him incase we should encounter him in the future. In the room adjacent we found a room with 3 maps, 2 of unknown locations and 1 of Alf. There were 3 Very Powerful Orbs on pedestals that seemed to correspond to the maps. When we realized that these Orbs were beyond our understanding and that we could not move them without incurring very serious consequences, Achlys went about searching for hidden rooms. She quickly found one. The room contained two statues similar in appearance to the ones I remember encountering when we first assaulted this facility. I don’t believe Achlys remembered because she dashed off after a couple of weapons laying on the opposite side of the room. I got the team formed up and we swiftly brought down the gigantic statues although Achlys did take a couple cracks to the head.
Those two hits to the head apparently dislodged something in Achlys’ heart as she chose the moment after battle to open up to me…in front of everyone. Her words are stuck in my head, “I may be a trickster. I may be sneaky. I may have looked at things I shouldn’t have on that day in the inn. However, the feelings I have for you are real.” While this information made me happy, it does create complications in achieving my ambitions.
We were successful in retrieving the Were-kin Father, though Achlys did forget her proof of ‘friendship’ with his daughter. He did agree to let us look after him on his trip home all the same. We set out immediately, but our flight was interrupted by the Four Knights of the Humans. They concentrated much of their efforts on Dyfros and Diana so I stayed near the Couple to keep them safe. Faugor and Axl charged out to meet with the Knights head on. While I struck Ana with the help of Achlys and Morgan, Faugor brought down Blackwell and a golem on his own. Dyfros, bloodied and ragged, summoned a mighty arch of lighting felling both Granweth and Laeban. Unfortunately the battle was not over; Axl had fallen victim to some sort of mind control and attempted to kill Diana. Axl being an exceptional fighter demanded a mixed use of lethal and non-lethal force in order to be defeated. We are not yet certain if the Boy will live…

Fought a Nightwalker
Freed many creatures
Fought 2 Giant Statues
More Feelings
Found Were-Kin Father
Fought The Four Knights
Axl Pheonix fell

When Carric saw the Nightwalker step through the portal in front of him and he knew the creature’s special power:



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