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Alf Log Session 51 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
After resting from the last battle, we ventured on to the next floor to find ourselves in a corridor with a strange smell and something glinting at the end of it. It turned out to be black dragon eggs, and while Kalinth and I were hesitant to leave them alone Carric persuaded us to do just that, in order to hopefully avoid an angry parent. Rounding the corner, we found a sword stuck onto a rock, and further on we saw a ladder and heard heavy breathing. Achlys did some reconnaissance after which she informed us of a large black dragon, asleep for the moment, in the upper level. Deciding to attempt a negotiation instead of an attack, we lost most of the gems in our possession but were allowed safe passage and proceeded up the next stairway.
What we met was another battlefield from the past, however this one contained a face more familiar than I would’ve cared to encounter. It was a scene from Brigga, a dragonkin army was trying to overtake the elfkin lands, but were met with resistance from the elves that were aided by a much younger Sebastian. With the battle already raging on there wasn’t time for much else but to pick a side and join the fray. We decided to aid the elves and started the assault with the dragonkin’s commander. While he didn’t go down easy, once he did the room again froze as the situation was considered resolved.
On the last floor, we took a moment to prepare for whatever final challenge we would meet, but yet again the tower surprised us as a group who seemed like adventurers emerged from the stairwell. As we talked to them to assess the situation, Diana was attacked, and we agreed to help the strangers if they help us. Instead, they showed their true colours by attacking us. With our preparations we took them down, but not before they managed to cut Dyfros and Diana off from the rest and slay them. The towers reward however gave us hope for their survival, as after a rest Ruby and Kalinth were able to revive them not unlike the priests of Sasori.
It was late when we returned to Sababurn, but the town was still alive in its restless waiting. We also heard talk about a stranger in town, and found out they were looking for the followers of Boccob. The man in question was rather strange, covered in multiple tattoos and he had with him dragon orbs, which contained an enslaved soul of a dragon each. Clearly a powerful man, we were apprehensive but didn’t want to anger him either. The man introduced himself as Totil Mornal, the owner and founder of Totil library, and was here to inform us of upcoming peril Samael was about to unleash. He offered a way for us to defeat the snake deity, however with the whole war soon on our doorstep it would prove no easy task to complete. After saying his piece, and we gathered to talk about our next move in order to achieve all that was needed in what limited time we had.

Dragon eggs, sword in stone and a black dragon who gets all our gems
Battle of Brigga and a familiar face
Back stabbing adventuring party and the reason ours has trust issues
Finished the final tower \o/ And got some mysterious items as a reward
Got a visit from Totil Mornal, who apparently likes enslaving dragons
Also apparently we are the last/only/??? hope this world has before Samael devours it
No pressure
The shield might work on the meteor though, so we got that going for us which is nice

*Guess it’s up to us to save the world, huh. GG
Also this party is terrible at paying attention :c



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