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Alf Log Session 48 (Stu)

Session Recap As told by Carric:
After sorting through the new tomes that the party checked out from the Totil Library we were transported by Regindas to the 2nd tower location. It was there he summoned up a storm allowing us to enter. On the front pedestal of at the bottom level the Mythological name of David Pheonix of 786 Ye; The Blue Slayer of Dragons. When we passed some mechanical gates we came upon the body of a dead dwarf with an enchanted hammer. This was followed by an encampment of tents. They turned out to be magical/mutant tents and they nearly swallowed me whole! However it was nothing a little magic and swordplay couldn’t solve.
The next floor had a walkway in a very dark room. I spotted a girl creeping in the darkness…she was no ordinary girl. While she taunted us from the shadows, I encouraged Faugor, Dyrfos, and Diana to move onward. When she attack Faugor and called up a demonic looking bear we were forced to defend ourselves. With the combined effort of Faugor landing blow after blow on the Bear and Dyfros having summoned a pair of Bearded Devils, the beast was felled. In a rage the Girl bit into me and began to drain me into near unconsciousness. I was forced to decapitate the inhuman child.
With the battle well fought we continued onto the next level. Proceeding past an unoccupied room we found ourselves leading a murder investigation. We questioned all of the witnesses we had access to and after double checking everyone’s timelines we came to the conclusion that the very uncooperative Mary was the culprit. Diana was the one who delivered the justice with a clear conscience and we were allowed to move on within the tower.
Entering an arena we learned of a 1 on 1 fight happening between a human gladiator by the name of Alistar and a large Lizard Folk. The Lizard Folk had already torn through six other opponents. Alistar’s chances didn’t look good and it seemed we needed to help the man defeat the superior foe. Through a select amount of potions and adjusting his tactics, we helped the previously doomed man achieve Victory. With that we were able to pass the room and onward to a room with 3 altars holding special items for us to divvy up among each other.

Entered the 2nd Tower of Boccob
We fought a room full of tents
Slayed Alice and her Scary Bear
Helped Charlotte Holmes solve a murder & carry out the sentence (death)
Assisted Alistar in defeating a Lizard Folk
Retrieved powerful items from 3 altars


There was an exceptionally fun balance to this session. A funny tough battle, a creepy tough battle, a couple puzzles of varying difficulty, and treasures to end it :)



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