A Half-Orc Dragon Shaman – Aged 21



Born into slavery, Faurgor’s life was never supposed to be his to take. His birth had been no accident, as he had been a result of a breeding experiment – his owners had been trying for a while to mix orcs and humans into something, that would have the looks and resilience of humans, but the strength and low intelligence of orcs. The experiment seemed to have worked somewhat, but not enough to satisfy his masters needs, as Faurgor had some more humane features than most of his half-breed brethren, like the lacking tusks, he was otherwise very similar to other half-orcs. Something that was only because of the long series of breedings, that Faurgor discovered years later, was that he had been born sterile. Only a child but still already put to work, Faurgor hadn’t seen his sixth summer yet when an uprising happened. The half-orc couldn’t remember much, only a lot of chaos when he was suddenly out in the woods running from something, and then darkness. All he knows, he was somehow found by a wandering orc tribe, lead by ano
ther half-orc. Perhaps taking pity on the boy, perhaps finding solace in the kinship, the leader, a brass dragon shaman by the name of Mork’Amar took Faurgor in as an adoptive father and later as a teacher.
As Faurgor grew older and stronger he got used to the life of moving around, however the watery lands of Brigga soon grew too small for him and he yearned to see other lands and places as well as honing the skills taught to him by Amar.


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