Dyfros Daeqirelle


He is a Gray Elf along with his wife, Dyfros is a Wizard, Rogue with the fight variant and a Master Specialist – Aged 60

Level 3 Wizard / Level Rogue (Fighter Variant) / Level 9 Master Specialist

His wife is a Bard by the name of Diana Daeqirelle – Aged 58

Level 10 Bard (Savage Variant)


Busking in the streets of Stretton Shooting of magic as my beautiful wife plays her music. Having fun and earning a little bit of money. However Clarisa didn’t approve of 2 elves using magic in her town so has use captured and was forced to work with the city. Having worked in the City for many years i had heard rumors of a Library which is supposed to hold great power. Power i could hopefully use against against Clarisa who has taken are fun loving lives away from me and my wife as well as lives of many other elves. So if Dyrfos was to ever escape the clutches of Clarisa and managed to obtain power from the totil library with a bit of time he could put a stop to her ways.

Dyfros Daeqirelle

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