Carric Vereansu


A Half-Elf Duskblade/Kensai – Aged 50
Level 9 Duskblade / Level 5 Kensai

Being a methodical fighter he never charges, instead focusing on calculated strikes and defensive stances.


He swore and oath to the Elf Witch of his tribe that he would find a new homeland for his people, Carric left Sunderar shortly thereafter Rhovandir. Because Rhovandir was unaware of this the two did not meet while in Alf. Carric being more learned and diplomatic made his way to the Neutral Lands. After some time he was sent a dream message by the Elf Witch of the Vereansu Tribe that Rhovandir succeeded. With a bit of asking around Carric learned that Rhovandir had set up shop in Sababurn. He was going to join up with Rhovandir to pledge his loyalty to him and help in completing their shared mission. 

During his time making contacts and learning all he could about the Region Carric joined up with a Mercenary group known as The Half-Men. They were a group that fit Carric’s personal code in keeping order by fighting off bandits and occasionally suppressing misguided Elf-Kin by the use of non-lethal force.

His Main focus for the first part of his journey was to gain a reputation as someone who could get a job done. The idea was that if he had enough followers and resources the Elf Witch would choose him to be the Vereansu Chieftain instead of Rhovandir. Carric being a Half-Elf was naturally the 2nd choice.

Carric Vereansu

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