A Human Rogue and Shadowdancer – Aged 22

Level 7 Rogue / Level 6 ShadowDancer


Achlys was born into a poor family that had very little money to spare, her parents sold both Achlys and her sister, Martha, to a group of bandits. The bandits tortured Achlys and Martha for never doing what they said, Achlys took upon the responsibility of protecting her little sister Martha and took the role of assassin of the bandits. Achlys had to take multiple trials and exams to become an assassin which meant she had very little time to spend with her sister. Achlys was sent out on missions to assassinate members of other rebels tribes and people from the royal families.
She was given her last test which was to go to a graveyard and kill a target that would arrive there. Achlys arrives at the graveyard to find her sister, Martha, standing in front of the graves of their parents. Achlys questions what happened and finds out that Martha is the one who killed her parents. Achlys didn’t care as her parents threw her and Martha away. Martha pulled out a dagger and attacked Achlys. Achlys was confused and quickly striked Martha before Matha had the change too attack. Martha whispered that she was forced to do it. Achlys went proceeded to slaying all of the bandits and found herself to be now alone with no one around her. Achlys wondered the lands alone with anger and sorrow. She killed anyone that tried to catch or kill her. She was raised to be a killer, that is what she is good at. She is in hope of finding friends, it’s all she wants. Friends she can trust, friends she can rely on. Her long lasting dream is to find the one bandit leader that escaped her during combat.


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