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Alf Log Session 58 - Finale (NapazTrix)


The session started as any other, the party recovering from a previous battle and devising a plan of action, though unlike every battle before them, this was one of the last they would face as lower beings. With the death of Manaem the group had gained the final scale necklace they needed to capture the soul of Samael, Dyfros making a quick teleport getaway for the party, however their return was short lived.
Mere moments from appearing within Sababurn the party was whisked away to a new and foreign location, though one that welcomed them with open arms, healing both their body and their spirit of damage. Within this building stood a waiting Totil, who told the adventurers that this was his true Library, the Totil Library of Balance. Upon questioning, Totil informed the party that the library they had visited on alf was the Imbalance Library, which was created to find those who would create an imbalance within the world, eventually consuming them and ridding the world of their essence. The party knew this to be true, as every person they found who had visited this library had now been killed, mostly by their hand.
Totil took the scales from the party, creating the orb necessary to stop the deities plans, the library healing the party for the ultimate battle. Within minutes the party was ready, with Totil teleporting them to a battlefield on the sands, shortly after their arrival surrounded by Lizardfolk the storms above cried out striking lighting down on the dunes, summoning facades of the Samael Brothers, first off with 4 Adaranths, then 3 Gavriels and finally with 2 Manaems. The party made quick work of these beings, showing their growth as both a team and as individuals.
With the dispatch of the brothers, the group finally laid eyes upon their final foe, Samael, an enormous stroke of lightning summoned the deity on the land with its gargantuan form casting a dreadful shadow over the adventurers. With the odds stacked against them a voice was heard within each of the teenagers heads, to group up together and call out the names given to their professions.
“Duskblade!” Shouted Carric. “Dragon Shaman!” Shouted Faurgor. “Wizard!” Shouted Dyfros. “Cleric!” Shouted Kalinth. “Rogue!” Shouted Achlys. “Ranger!” Shouted Vibiana.
With the last call an explosion of light emerged from the party, blinding them all and sending them into the head of a gargantuan creature, the Boccob’s Chosen Guardian. Rivalling Samael in size, but not in power, the party worked together, unlocking the Guardians latent powers, to fight against the weakened deity that flew in front of them.
Carric’s Ancestor’s aided his Bessona blade, Faurgor’s breath transferred through the guardian, Dyfros summoned beasts of war, Kalinth healed the Guardian, Achlys struck at Samaels weak points and called upon the powers of Wilson I, II & III, and finally Vibiana transformed the guardian into a walking cannon.
A fierce battle raged, the guardian healing the damage it suffered with Samael merely replacing its old body with a new one. However in the end, the party survived and reigned victorious. Although their victory was stretched out even further, when they were transported into the darkness within Samael, where he told the adventurers of his ambitions and reasons behind his actions. “Why live in a world of imbalance, where the weak are controlled by the strong. The elves are all but gone and the leaders dictate it all”. Though the party stood still in their convictions “We will keep our free will and restore the land by our own hands”. While their words were in tune with Samaels, a common goal to restore balance through killing those in power, Dyfros found it appropriate to fire into the heart of Samael, sealing him away within the Orb that Totil had created.
As if nothing had happened, the party woke up back in Sababurn’s main hall, no evidence of Samael could be seen. Rushing outside the party were left speechless and wondering, for a Totil to approach by caravan, answering some of their questions. Offering a hand out to Carric and Faurgor, the party remained adamant “We will do it by our own merit”. With that, Totil was gone, along with Samael’s soul trapped within the Orb. And this is where the party’s adventures ended.

Those who chose to go further:

JiiBee – Faurgor – Level 17 Dragon Shaman – Session 1 to 58

Alex – Vibiana Ragnfríðr – Level 14 Ranger / Level 1 Rogue – Session 1 to 58

Stu Tighe – Carric Vereansu – Level 9 Duskblade / Level 8 Kensai – Session 4 to 58

Fish – Dyfros Daeqirelle – Level 5 Wizard / Level 1 Rogue (Fighter Variant) / Level 10 Master Specialist – Session 5 to 58

Jaster – Achlys Vereansu – Level 7 Rogue / Level 9 Shadowdancer – Session 24 to 58

The future of our Adventurers:

Vibiana and Ruby were contacted by Carmenia to discuss the issues they had with Alf, however on their return to their home continent they were both court martialed for their crimes against both Alf and Carmenia. Vibiana was sentenced to life imprisonment, whereas Ruby was given a 50 year imprisonment, due to being a henchwomen and not the leader of the crimes. Trapped behind thick walls and magical barriers they had no hope of escape.

Carric had his people arrive in Alf, however due to the threat on Sababurn and the constant attacks their numbers dwindled too quickly. Ending what line he had left within the Vereansu tribe. Diplomacy was far off in the distance, Carric couldn’t hope to restore the reputation that he and his party had given the City or his friends.

Faurgor had wanted to help Sababurn’s difficult political situation, however due to the past with the City and its “leaders” it was an almost impossible task. Attacked again and again from separate races and factions Sababurn was doomed to fall. Hiding out with Amar and his brethren, Faurgor was sadly reduced to a life of hiding and escape from outside sources.

Achlys, with her assassinations background, was contacted more often due to her dealings within the campaign. However she was betrayed when meeting with one of her contacts, ambushed and struck down by Both Elf and Mage alike, whose allegiance was towards Clarisa, the one who kept them safe.

Diana And Dyfros tried to establish themselves within the higher power chains of the land, however due to their hand in the death of Clarisa and other news of their destruction being spread they found that rather hard. One day on their travels they were ambushed by countless archers, a hail of arrows were the only thing they were able to establish within themselves.

Kalinth’s clerical powers were stripped from him shortly after the affair with Samael, his dragonblood also revoked, leaving him as a much weaker Elf. His enemies took this advantage, cutting him down on his travels to the Scattered Isles on the hunt for answers about Dragons and the Dragon Realm.

While many of these actions were based on impulse, with little understanding behind the people they fought, the party were able to save the world from imminent destruction. While there were no witnesses of their actions, the party could find solace in the fact that they were heroes in their own right. Their names will not be lamented or praised, except for the those who knew them for their intentions and kind actions prior to their demise.

With the death of Clarisa Dire, her final wish was accepted by the Human Council and Monarchy, Immunity and Slave abolishment of Elf-Kin, helping restore the Elves to their rightful place as a sentient race and not a work force. The mages were kept safe from the world, a world where mages were little in number but regarded as high threats, a world where magic had tainted and controlled. The Elves and the Mages would see a future, it might not be the brightest they could have attained, but it was a future nonetheless.

Final Game Notes:

The party gained the support of 2 out of 10 factions/people of power.
The party committed genocide on Tyrlings and Sand Wolves, with their few numbers leading to their eventual extinction.
Axl Pheonix was accepted into the Werekin clan of Werewolves, marrying to his werewolf lover and given a high rank of power within the clan.
Morgan went out on her own after the battle, staying away from the human lands, though due to her Magic-Blooded origins she would eventually run out her life-span, found dead within the neutral lands with blue veins all across her body.
The Firsts remained separated, Ayla, Anabel and Alissa were able to revive Adrien, who went into hiding within Carmenia, helping the continent with their technology and biological advances.
Elf-Kin eventually became extinct, with their low numbers not allowing for proper reproduction. However their blood would still flow within those they mated with, creating half-breeds and the like.
Sebastian’s research was all but destroyed on Alf, stopping any chance of his monstrosities from being created ever again.
Sababurn finally fell, with the departure of its only leaders. Becoming a waste of an oasis within the dunes.
The Dragon Council was never reformed, their journey to the Scattered Isles did not go well and with no assistance reaching them, they died out alone, with no word of their demise reaching anyone’s ears.
The werewolves continued to evade the notice of the main races, though their travels kept them to the neutral lands, with some camps kept within Small-Kin lands.



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