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Alf Log Session 58 - Finale (NapazTrix)


The session started as any other, the party recovering from a previous battle and devising a plan of action, though unlike every battle before them, this was one of the last they would face as lower beings. With the death of Manaem the group had gained the final scale necklace they needed to capture the soul of Samael, Dyfros making a quick teleport getaway for the party, however their return was short lived.
Mere moments from appearing within Sababurn the party was whisked away to a new and foreign location, though one that welcomed them with open arms, healing both their body and their spirit of damage. Within this building stood a waiting Totil, who told the adventurers that this was his true Library, the Totil Library of Balance. Upon questioning, Totil informed the party that the library they had visited on alf was the Imbalance Library, which was created to find those who would create an imbalance within the world, eventually consuming them and ridding the world of their essence. The party knew this to be true, as every person they found who had visited this library had now been killed, mostly by their hand.
Totil took the scales from the party, creating the orb necessary to stop the deities plans, the library healing the party for the ultimate battle. Within minutes the party was ready, with Totil teleporting them to a battlefield on the sands, shortly after their arrival surrounded by Lizardfolk the storms above cried out striking lighting down on the dunes, summoning facades of the Samael Brothers, first off with 4 Adaranths, then 3 Gavriels and finally with 2 Manaems. The party made quick work of these beings, showing their growth as both a team and as individuals.
With the dispatch of the brothers, the group finally laid eyes upon their final foe, Samael, an enormous stroke of lightning summoned the deity on the land with its gargantuan form casting a dreadful shadow over the adventurers. With the odds stacked against them a voice was heard within each of the teenagers heads, to group up together and call out the names given to their professions.
“Duskblade!” Shouted Carric. “Dragon Shaman!” Shouted Faurgor. “Wizard!” Shouted Dyfros. “Cleric!” Shouted Kalinth. “Rogue!” Shouted Achlys. “Ranger!” Shouted Vibiana.
With the last call an explosion of light emerged from the party, blinding them all and sending them into the head of a gargantuan creature, the Boccob’s Chosen Guardian. Rivalling Samael in size, but not in power, the party worked together, unlocking the Guardians latent powers, to fight against the weakened deity that flew in front of them.
Carric’s Ancestor’s aided his Bessona blade, Faurgor’s breath transferred through the guardian, Dyfros summoned beasts of war, Kalinth healed the Guardian, Achlys struck at Samaels weak points and called upon the powers of Wilson I, II & III, and finally Vibiana transformed the guardian into a walking cannon.
A fierce battle raged, the guardian healing the damage it suffered with Samael merely replacing its old body with a new one. However in the end, the party survived and reigned victorious. Although their victory was stretched out even further, when they were transported into the darkness within Samael, where he told the adventurers of his ambitions and reasons behind his actions. “Why live in a world of imbalance, where the weak are controlled by the strong. The elves are all but gone and the leaders dictate it all”. Though the party stood still in their convictions “We will keep our free will and restore the land by our own hands”. While their words were in tune with Samaels, a common goal to restore balance through killing those in power, Dyfros found it appropriate to fire into the heart of Samael, sealing him away within the Orb that Totil had created.
As if nothing had happened, the party woke up back in Sababurn’s main hall, no evidence of Samael could be seen. Rushing outside the party were left speechless and wondering, for a Totil to approach by caravan, answering some of their questions. Offering a hand out to Carric and Faurgor, the party remained adamant “We will do it by our own merit”. With that, Totil was gone, along with Samael’s soul trapped within the Orb. And this is where the party’s adventures ended.

Those who chose to go further:

JiiBee – Faurgor – Level 17 Dragon Shaman – Session 1 to 58

Alex – Vibiana Ragnfríðr – Level 14 Ranger / Level 1 Rogue – Session 1 to 58

Stu Tighe – Carric Vereansu – Level 9 Duskblade / Level 8 Kensai – Session 4 to 58

Fish – Dyfros Daeqirelle – Level 5 Wizard / Level 1 Rogue (Fighter Variant) / Level 10 Master Specialist – Session 5 to 58

Jaster – Achlys Vereansu – Level 7 Rogue / Level 9 Shadowdancer – Session 24 to 58

The future of our Adventurers:

Vibiana and Ruby were contacted by Carmenia to discuss the issues they had with Alf, however on their return to their home continent they were both court martialed for their crimes against both Alf and Carmenia. Vibiana was sentenced to life imprisonment, whereas Ruby was given a 50 year imprisonment, due to being a henchwomen and not the leader of the crimes. Trapped behind thick walls and magical barriers they had no hope of escape.

Carric had his people arrive in Alf, however due to the threat on Sababurn and the constant attacks their numbers dwindled too quickly. Ending what line he had left within the Vereansu tribe. Diplomacy was far off in the distance, Carric couldn’t hope to restore the reputation that he and his party had given the City or his friends.

Faurgor had wanted to help Sababurn’s difficult political situation, however due to the past with the City and its “leaders” it was an almost impossible task. Attacked again and again from separate races and factions Sababurn was doomed to fall. Hiding out with Amar and his brethren, Faurgor was sadly reduced to a life of hiding and escape from outside sources.

Achlys, with her assassinations background, was contacted more often due to her dealings within the campaign. However she was betrayed when meeting with one of her contacts, ambushed and struck down by Both Elf and Mage alike, whose allegiance was towards Clarisa, the one who kept them safe.

Diana And Dyfros tried to establish themselves within the higher power chains of the land, however due to their hand in the death of Clarisa and other news of their destruction being spread they found that rather hard. One day on their travels they were ambushed by countless archers, a hail of arrows were the only thing they were able to establish within themselves.

Kalinth’s clerical powers were stripped from him shortly after the affair with Samael, his dragonblood also revoked, leaving him as a much weaker Elf. His enemies took this advantage, cutting him down on his travels to the Scattered Isles on the hunt for answers about Dragons and the Dragon Realm.

While many of these actions were based on impulse, with little understanding behind the people they fought, the party were able to save the world from imminent destruction. While there were no witnesses of their actions, the party could find solace in the fact that they were heroes in their own right. Their names will not be lamented or praised, except for the those who knew them for their intentions and kind actions prior to their demise.

With the death of Clarisa Dire, her final wish was accepted by the Human Council and Monarchy, Immunity and Slave abolishment of Elf-Kin, helping restore the Elves to their rightful place as a sentient race and not a work force. The mages were kept safe from the world, a world where mages were little in number but regarded as high threats, a world where magic had tainted and controlled. The Elves and the Mages would see a future, it might not be the brightest they could have attained, but it was a future nonetheless.

Final Game Notes:

The party gained the support of 2 out of 10 factions/people of power.
The party committed genocide on Tyrlings and Sand Wolves, with their few numbers leading to their eventual extinction.
Axl Pheonix was accepted into the Werekin clan of Werewolves, marrying to his werewolf lover and given a high rank of power within the clan.
Morgan went out on her own after the battle, staying away from the human lands, though due to her Magic-Blooded origins she would eventually run out her life-span, found dead within the neutral lands with blue veins all across her body.
The Firsts remained separated, Ayla, Anabel and Alissa were able to revive Adrien, who went into hiding within Carmenia, helping the continent with their technology and biological advances.
Elf-Kin eventually became extinct, with their low numbers not allowing for proper reproduction. However their blood would still flow within those they mated with, creating half-breeds and the like.
Sebastian’s research was all but destroyed on Alf, stopping any chance of his monstrosities from being created ever again.
Sababurn finally fell, with the departure of its only leaders. Becoming a waste of an oasis within the dunes.
The Dragon Council was never reformed, their journey to the Scattered Isles did not go well and with no assistance reaching them, they died out alone, with no word of their demise reaching anyone’s ears.
The werewolves continued to evade the notice of the main races, though their travels kept them to the neutral lands, with some camps kept within Small-Kin lands.

Alf Log Session 57 - (Stu)

Session Recap By Carric:
Time seemed to slow for Carric while catching his breath after the onslaught brought on by the twelve snapping heads of the monster before him. He saw Faugor give the ‘what are we up against?’ look. Carric cleared his mind in order to pull from the vast knowledge that the Tower of Battle had bestowed upon him. Memories that weren’t his washed over Carric. Within a moment he knew of the creature’s aversion to cold weather and magic.
“Ice it, Faugor!” Carric yelled, opening up a mighty wound across the hydra’s chest with the Samael Sword. A torrent of Ice and snow blasted past Carric as Faugor released his fury upon the devils and hydra. The hydra reared back bloody and wounded but ready to visit another attack upon Carric. Blocking and dodging Carric managed to fend off most of the viperous heads. Then the familiar cracking sound of gun shots can be heard behind him. The hydra falls to the ground, dead.
“Damn pistols jam everytime,” Vibi could be heard saying. Carric turned back to check on his friends only to be greeted by a torrent of flames. While Vibi side stepped the blast casually while unjamming one of her pistols. The flames subsided revealing everyone to be alive, if not well. The devil that had unleashed the massive flame attack stood motionless, it’s face contorted in pain. It fell to the ground with two puncture wounds barely visible in the devil’s back. Since no one could be seen, Carric surmised it was Achlys handywork. The remainder of the 2nd Wave of monsters was easily despatched. Two dragons and an undead humanoid made up the final wave. It seemed that the Party was anxious to fight Manaem as they made quick work of the monsters.
Carric lead the charge at Manaem in an attempt to keep him preoccupied. Manaem put his sword through Carric’s chest. He could feel his life force weakening, so Carric cut out his own tongue. Carric was knocked unconscious. When he came to, the fight with Maneam was in full swing. A dragon and fire giant had been summoned and Manaem was surrounded. The battle raged on all across the huge room as Manaem tried to kill Diana and Dyfros but the two had a myriad of duplicates ready for such an attack. While Vibi had fallen, Ruby prayed for her soul to remain and give us time to revive her. When Manaem was felled for the final time the very earth began to shake…
Killed a lot of monsters
Killed Manaem


Quote of the Game:
”You don’t need to know, you can just…you can just feeeel it. You know something bad is going to happen to youuu.” – Jack, in regards to Invisible Achlys giving Faugor the Death Stare.

Vibi and her Kill Steal Streak:

Alf Log Session 56 - (Fish)

Session Recap:
The party stairs at the body of Gavriel Samael, expecting him to raise from the dead yet again. The tension starts to die out after about 6 seconds (because we have seen them come back on their next turn). With the battle over Carric has a thought in his mind about the large creature david and how he fits into the world around him but nothing comes to mind. At the same time the party is silent as vibi enjoyed a sandwich.
The party decide to split into 2 groups, one hanging back and protecting Rygandas allowing him to move his dimension. The other went on a killing spree taking out what lizard folks they could see and with a few ‘choice words’ from Vibi the human guards didn’t attack them, some say she was a good diplomat as others say she scared them.
As the attack party return they inform the rest of the group of a approaching King and Ralph Berserk. Not wanting any involvement in this attack the party decide to teleport away as Rygandas was ready, (we will just ignore the fact that vibi announced herself to a load of city guards).
Once returned to the town Dyfros remembers he has a powerful scale necklaces which needs to be purified and Carric does the same, (Dyfros leaves the temple thinking he might have pissed of the snake people just a little bit with his special mind).

Meeting in the town hall the party plan their next movement. Knowing they needed the other necklace and that the only one they know of is in that hands of Maneam who had been seen in a cave close to Irlenborn. Using the mages to teleport over to a close location the party notice a flag meaning Parlay in draconic. However the forgetful brains of the High intelligent party members left the ALL POWERFUL NECKLACE back at the town, however the was fixed with a quick teleport :3.
Deciding for once to follow the rules of war and not attack under the flag of parlay they just walk up to the lizard folk camp who were extremely welcoming. Leading the party into the cave going deeper and deeper until they come across a long open corridor with good old Maneam sitting on some fancy style of throne. With a very tense conversation mainly between Carric and Maneam (mainly because most of the party sit in silance) with the occasional stupid comment from Dyfros whose reputations for the dumbest mage isn’t going anywhere.
Maneam agrees to hand over the necklace on one simple condition, that we pass his trails. Obviously the party are a bit wary of the situation but with Maneam saying if we don’t take this offer we will fight him and the trail at the same time the party knew they didn’t have much choice.
And so it begins, another fight where the party will probably come out of it either dead or just hanging on. A hydra along with 2 massive worms appear along with a glowing orb. Knowing they take extra damage from Fire dyfros decides to step up and show off the power he has casting not 1 but 2 Blast of Flames spells taking them down, in shock of how easy it was he forgot that he could move and well quickly got killed but a load of devils and anouther hydra with a extra head, and soo continues the story of the stupid mage.

Party decide to run from the scene of a crime so they are not thought to be apart of it even tho vibi annouced her self…. To most of the guards.
Dyfros and Diana grow tails.
Carric spends a few hours thing of his long lost beautiful sword and decides not to make a new one yet and reads a book.
At you hear the voice of a lonely angel.
The party shockingly follow the rules of war.

This log is not even close to the level of Stu or Jii, so yeah deal with it <3
Sorry i cant get you all bonus exp i am just not good with this smart stuff, i mean look at Dyfros

Alf Log Session 55 - (JiiBee)

Session Recap:

Once we had confirmed that Axl was merely unconscious, we left the facility before any more security could be sent after us. Unfortunately we were unable to all return to Sababurn, and Vibiana, Ruby, Carric, Kalinth and I had to be left behind while the rest returned to fully finish what we had gone to the facility for. Upon their arrival they were met with four red cloaked figures awaiting them, demanding what they called a world gem.
Not long after the others had left, those same figures appeared to greet us, voicing the same demand. Most of us were confused as to what they meant, but before we could voice this, Vibiana took out one of the gems we had seen in the facility’s map room, presenting it to the figures. They accepted it back and disappeared, but not without telling us that “the cost of many lives is now on your shoulders”. Vibiana seemed apologetic of her actions, though it remains to be seen whether or not she truly understood the full consequences of what she did.
We found shelter deeper in the woods, and early next morning regrouped with the rest and discussed our plan of attack regarding Stretton. Our planning was cut short, as we saw some dark clouds over the city and decided to hurry, worried that that meant Samael’s attack was already under way. Indeed, we arrived to find Stretton under siege by lizardfolk, and without further hesitation we joined the fray. Our party got separated as Carric, Morgan and I made our way towards Regindas’ shop, where a gruesome sight awaited – piles of dead guards, laid in the middle of street, with one man standing amidst the carnage. Gavriel. Carric and I, both fuelled by deep hatred towards this man, attacked him, however he seemed unphased by this and even attempted to walk away, after calling in a dragon-like being to his aid. Carric was having none of that, as he instantly appeared in front Gavriel, adamant in his effort to take the kinslayer down. I followed close behind, though not before Gavriel called in yet another monster, a large construct made out of bodies of lizardfolk.
While we held our own against Gavriel and the construct, the rest of our group was dealing with the lizard. During our side of the battle Carric was rendered both deaf and blind and his defenses were severely hindered. We both got briefly trapped underneath rubble by the construct, after which its attack cost me my eyesight as well. Morgan gave us some time to rise back, however unaware of Gavriel’s abilities she nearly lost her life, had it not been for Ruby for being there just in time. The rest of our group were also now joining us, having dealt with the lizard and survived its final assault. While still blind and only able to hear the battle, I also heard something else – an outside power that was lending its power to my breath weapon. I regained my sight just in time to witness Carric unleashing an attack beyond his usual prowess upon Gavriel. While hindered by his ailments, he was still able to deal a considerable blow. Biding my time for the best opening, I found it after having Gavriel go down and get up once more. It was a gamble, and I only had the one shot – I unleashed the full potential of my breath weapon on Gavriel, and waited. It had worked – Gavriel was dead, for good this time.


Axl lives!
Short party split with Vibiana almost destroying another world
Wolfman and Axl are sent on their way
Regroup and continue to Stretton
Which is under attack by lots of lizardfolk
And Gavriel
Who summons an undead dragonlizard thing
And a construct made of dead lizardfolk with a trapped soul of a dragonslayer
Carric, Faurgor and Morgan take on Gavriel, while the rest battle the lizard, who uses Self-Destruct.
It’s super-effective. Nobody dies though
The Boccob items of Faurgor and Carric activate and are unleashed on Gavriel
And finally he goes down for the last time.


And then there was a lot of lemurs.

Alf Log Session 54 - (Stu)

Session Recap as told by Carric:
After recovering a body very similar in appearance to Adrien, which had been Morgan’s mission all along, we made our way into the common room of the 2nd floor. Just as Achlys started to work on getting a door open “a tear in our plane opened up” and a Nightwalker stepped through, right-in-front of me. When the creature ripped Bessona from my hands, I was left momentarily speechless…then I let loose as much fire as I could muster. It was when the Nightwalker dodged much of the blast simply deflected the rest that I came to my senses shouting to the party of all the monsters natural defenses. The enormous claws of the Nightwalker wrapped around Besonna; I knew what was going to happen and I helpless to change the fate. She was crushed to dust before my very eyes. Our Little Hero (Axl), Vibi, and Ruby all seemed to fall victim to this Nightwalker’s fearful presence, though I could not blame them. Achlys, Faugor, Dyfros, Diana, and Kalinth joined me in fiercely striking this creature with our full range of attacks. Using the ‘Bastard Sword of Artin Nilrem’ Kalinth graciously borrowed to me, I stuck the final blow through the Nightwalker’s hand and into its head.
All was Silent – Besonna, my ‘Oath Keeper’ had fallen. When I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to see Dyfros standing over me. All of my friends were staring at me, they were all very supportive. We’ve all lost so much, even as we have risen to become Heroes of Boccob.
We freed more creatures on this floor and made our way up to the 3rd and final floor of this building. We found a Nameless Adamantine Dragon on the 3rd floor. We did our best to befriend him incase we should encounter him in the future. In the room adjacent we found a room with 3 maps, 2 of unknown locations and 1 of Alf. There were 3 Very Powerful Orbs on pedestals that seemed to correspond to the maps. When we realized that these Orbs were beyond our understanding and that we could not move them without incurring very serious consequences, Achlys went about searching for hidden rooms. She quickly found one. The room contained two statues similar in appearance to the ones I remember encountering when we first assaulted this facility. I don’t believe Achlys remembered because she dashed off after a couple of weapons laying on the opposite side of the room. I got the team formed up and we swiftly brought down the gigantic statues although Achlys did take a couple cracks to the head.
Those two hits to the head apparently dislodged something in Achlys’ heart as she chose the moment after battle to open up to me…in front of everyone. Her words are stuck in my head, “I may be a trickster. I may be sneaky. I may have looked at things I shouldn’t have on that day in the inn. However, the feelings I have for you are real.” While this information made me happy, it does create complications in achieving my ambitions.
We were successful in retrieving the Were-kin Father, though Achlys did forget her proof of ‘friendship’ with his daughter. He did agree to let us look after him on his trip home all the same. We set out immediately, but our flight was interrupted by the Four Knights of the Humans. They concentrated much of their efforts on Dyfros and Diana so I stayed near the Couple to keep them safe. Faugor and Axl charged out to meet with the Knights head on. While I struck Ana with the help of Achlys and Morgan, Faugor brought down Blackwell and a golem on his own. Dyfros, bloodied and ragged, summoned a mighty arch of lighting felling both Granweth and Laeban. Unfortunately the battle was not over; Axl had fallen victim to some sort of mind control and attempted to kill Diana. Axl being an exceptional fighter demanded a mixed use of lethal and non-lethal force in order to be defeated. We are not yet certain if the Boy will live…

Fought a Nightwalker
Freed many creatures
Fought 2 Giant Statues
More Feelings
Found Were-Kin Father
Fought The Four Knights
Axl Pheonix fell

When Carric saw the Nightwalker step through the portal in front of him and he knew the creature’s special power:

Alf Log Session 53 - (Jack)

Session Recap:

After the battle of an Army and a very very weak Clerisa (or Vibi is too damn strong) the party gather in the towns hall to discuss some matters while Diana is dragging around the bloody, soulless body of Clerisa Dire. After a long discussion at the table the party have decided to attack the Facility after it went so well the first time. The party split off to do their own things and then rest for the following day where they commence their attack. The following day the party meets up and sends word to Regindas, “bring town’s people back and more teleports”. Sure, anyone can understand that right? Regindas will totally believe it was down by someone older than five. Totally. After they have sent word Carric drags the body of Clerisa to the snake and offers up the body to them. She hasn’t been through enough just yet. Taken down in less than a second, had an anti-magic circle on her as she was unconscious, throat has be slashed while unconscious, soul has been eaten and now the body to be eaten? This lady must have done a lot in her life to deserve all of this attention!
After the party left no trace of Clerisa they asked Regindas to once again teleport them outside the facility. Vibi scouts out the area with her scope and after the scouting is done she notifies the party it’s time to engage after a little planning. A small party enters the building first to speak to the lady at the desk, needlessly to say it ended up with the lady being knocked out and a group of large elements suddenly appearing. The rest of the party rush in to help and some people got a little wet, some had their hair blowing. Some hit something hard and others got a little burnt. Otherwise it was all a “breeze” (see what I did there, yeah, no? okay..)
The party moves up and Achlys, being her sneaky self, asks the party to stay a little behind so the people who can move silently can sneak around. Kalinth on the other had disregards what was said and makes a ruckus anyway and then notifies the man who was happily working away. Scared the life out of him. Achlys turns around, has a go then moves on. Sneaking around happily. Says it’s clear, decides to run over loudly and things come in for the attack. The rogue is as smart as ever you see, always keeping you on your toes where she should be on hers more often. Once the battle ends the party move up to a small man whose ears have been taken off, Achlys grabs him and pulls him around to face Carric. This man mistook Achlys for a man named Fred, she decided to go along with it and left him to continue his work. As the sneaky portion of the party continued on the encounter a couple of people who Morgan instantly ran up to and killed. The party search the room and find someone in a capsule. Adrien, how lovely.

Clerisa was taken care of, brutally
The party got wet, hot, caught a little breeze and hit with a rock
Kalinth doesn’t understand sneaky, or simple commands
Achlys needs to learn to stay on her toes, and use a thing called a brain
Achlys is now Fred
Adrien looks fiiiinnnneeeeee when he sleeping


Session Log 52 - (Jack)

Session Recap:

The party made their way back to Sababurn after just completing their final tower and each obtaining an item with a gem shoved in it. Yet no one knows what their gems do. As the party returns they seemed it time to start planning on how to deal with the meteor to then somehow lure Clerisa Dire into a trap led by the party. I wonder how this’ll turn it. Dyfros summoned a fairly large dragon to help deal with the meteor. However, with each dragon there is a price that comes with it. This one wanted to feast on some tasty souls. So the party thought why not offer up Clerisa’s soul, sounds fair right? The dragon agrees to the terms and destroys the Meteor as Regindas puts up a shield to defend the town from any debris. As the meteor broke, an human army suddenly appeared that was obviously sent here to kill the party. No sign of Clerisa though. As the party took down a large portion of the army Clerisa suddenly appeared, and Vibi decides to have a go at shooting her. Takes her down in instantly. She didn’t stand a chance to even attack. She couldn’t even open her mouth. Some of the party were a little disappointed at how fast she died after the last time she appeared, oh well. Carric went over to put an anti-magic field over the unconscious body for Clerisa, yet Achlys still felt the need to slit open her throat and then move so the dragon could take her soul, just to be sure she was dead. Think she might be dead now, hopefully.
After the battle had ended the party took in some survivors as prisoners to later ask those questions, either that or the party enjoys leaving people in jail; and completely forget that they are in there.

Dyfros can summon dragons
Black Dragon like souls
Party offers something they yet to have
Vibi.. is apparently overpowered as she can 1 hit Clerisa
Clerisa is weak


Alf Log Session 51 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
After resting from the last battle, we ventured on to the next floor to find ourselves in a corridor with a strange smell and something glinting at the end of it. It turned out to be black dragon eggs, and while Kalinth and I were hesitant to leave them alone Carric persuaded us to do just that, in order to hopefully avoid an angry parent. Rounding the corner, we found a sword stuck onto a rock, and further on we saw a ladder and heard heavy breathing. Achlys did some reconnaissance after which she informed us of a large black dragon, asleep for the moment, in the upper level. Deciding to attempt a negotiation instead of an attack, we lost most of the gems in our possession but were allowed safe passage and proceeded up the next stairway.
What we met was another battlefield from the past, however this one contained a face more familiar than I would’ve cared to encounter. It was a scene from Brigga, a dragonkin army was trying to overtake the elfkin lands, but were met with resistance from the elves that were aided by a much younger Sebastian. With the battle already raging on there wasn’t time for much else but to pick a side and join the fray. We decided to aid the elves and started the assault with the dragonkin’s commander. While he didn’t go down easy, once he did the room again froze as the situation was considered resolved.
On the last floor, we took a moment to prepare for whatever final challenge we would meet, but yet again the tower surprised us as a group who seemed like adventurers emerged from the stairwell. As we talked to them to assess the situation, Diana was attacked, and we agreed to help the strangers if they help us. Instead, they showed their true colours by attacking us. With our preparations we took them down, but not before they managed to cut Dyfros and Diana off from the rest and slay them. The towers reward however gave us hope for their survival, as after a rest Ruby and Kalinth were able to revive them not unlike the priests of Sasori.
It was late when we returned to Sababurn, but the town was still alive in its restless waiting. We also heard talk about a stranger in town, and found out they were looking for the followers of Boccob. The man in question was rather strange, covered in multiple tattoos and he had with him dragon orbs, which contained an enslaved soul of a dragon each. Clearly a powerful man, we were apprehensive but didn’t want to anger him either. The man introduced himself as Totil Mornal, the owner and founder of Totil library, and was here to inform us of upcoming peril Samael was about to unleash. He offered a way for us to defeat the snake deity, however with the whole war soon on our doorstep it would prove no easy task to complete. After saying his piece, and we gathered to talk about our next move in order to achieve all that was needed in what limited time we had.

Dragon eggs, sword in stone and a black dragon who gets all our gems
Battle of Brigga and a familiar face
Back stabbing adventuring party and the reason ours has trust issues
Finished the final tower \o/ And got some mysterious items as a reward
Got a visit from Totil Mornal, who apparently likes enslaving dragons
Also apparently we are the last/only/??? hope this world has before Samael devours it
No pressure
The shield might work on the meteor though, so we got that going for us which is nice

*Guess it’s up to us to save the world, huh. GG
Also this party is terrible at paying attention :c

Alf Log Session 50 (Samurai)
  • Session Recap:*

After the party finished the second tower in a heartbeat, they then decided to tackle the final tower once and for all to achieve ultimate power in order to fight back against the enemies of Sababurn. As they progressed through this tower, it seemed that each floor had to had some sort of puzzle or sequence of events completed before the door to the next floor would open up. Such examples of these puzzles include making a winning strategy for a giant game of chess, to setting up traps in a bottle neck choke point in combating Wererats. Everything seemed all dandy, until the group of heroes make it to the forth floor, which has proven to be a major challenge of a few wizards and some Clay Golems, downing Dyfros and Diana and having the casters expend most of their spells. With Achlys taking on the Wizards, and Carric, Kalinth, and some summons taking down the Gloems, the group decided to rest to regain some spells.


  • Starting of 3rd tower
  • Each floor be a puzzle or certain event must be done to progress
  • FUCKING GOLEMS!!11 >:(
  • Killed them, amz tired, tiem to slept.

GOD DAMN FUCKING GOLEMS AND WIZARDS! Also, my memory is a bit hazy, so this turned out super lazy. Sorry

Alf Log Session 49 (Fish)

Session Recap:
Starting just after the group pick up the 3 items Vibi and ruby decides to join in the fights and puzzles rather than sitting in the back.
Setting of through the next door which lead to the next floor in the tower the party was met with nothing but black ness and a few of the members with short term memory loss and split from the party. Wondering around lost in the dark Dyfros notices a black shady character dart just to the side of his view then vanish, with nothing stopping him he carried on moving with is wife. After a little walk the couple hear a gunshot, recognising that the shot was from vibi they at least knew she couldn’t be far, however with the halls in the place the sounds bounced around.
After finding Carric Ruby and Kalinth, Dyfros notices Carric with a stab wound in his shoulder, confused they decide to keep walking. Untill they came across a tall ‘man?’ with tentacle coming out of him. Noticing Vibi next to him with a few injuries the party decideds to attack as normal. After almost a 100 (maybe less) tentacles attack mainly Carric. The party manage to take down this monster with a final cold orb from Dyfros freezing the beast in place.
Moving through the darkness as a full party to find yet another door leading to a staircase going up. This time instead of being met by darkness the group find a large open room with a blue orb at the top and a strong peacing light which seemed to reflect of the statutes. The group quickly worked out what needs doing however doing it was an issue. After successfully getting the light beam to the Blue orb which had no effect the group needed to use a statue closer to the Orb for a stronger light beam. After a few hours and a load of mistakes the party (mainly Carric Vibi and Dyfros) solved the puzzle and then got teleported by the blue orb into anouther dark room oooohhh spookyyy (so what’s gonna try kill use this time). After vibi was having a look around vibi found a large pile of Bones, no skin no nothing just skeletal bones. After grouping back up the party hear a scraping of metal along the floor to the east. Carric taking the lead orders the party to form up getting the physically strong members on the front line. Just as we was ready the orb in the center shines a bright light causing the room to be visible and to show a large man wielding a even larger sword who was not impressed with the highly skilled and impressive horn playing of Diana causing the create to charge at diana. After a near death experience the party took advantage of the creature being distracted by a load of lions.
Going back to the orb the group was teleported to what seemed to be the final room as it was the same as the last tower. Following the same pattern the group touch the Large orb to be visited by a normal size person for once however he was terrifying. However the group was final prepared for a fight, drinking potions casting spells we was confident managing to take the Nightmare down before it could do its job.
Going back to the Orb the group all get visions of fights they never had however they all gain the knowledge of the battle’s and become stronger. Gaining both experience and other special abilities.

No more scary children, But Slend….. I mean Man? Was not a nice person to have visit.
And a metal head pyramid guy who doesn’t like music, damn he deserved to die.
Ohh and thank the gods we decided to spell/potion up before the boss fight, god knows what would have happened if he turned fully red, (literally god of the world (im looking at you Napaztrix) is the only one who knows )



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