Chaos in Alf follows a band of Foreign adventurers landing on the continent of Alf, a land full of strife and slavery. Deciding to take a bystander stance on the whole affair, the party traverse the lands to find a home for themselves as well as any way to make some money.
With several characters being kidnapped, leaving or just straight out dying we are left with the final members as they try to make their mark on the world and survive the situations they find themselves in.

Character Roster –
Carric Vereansu
Vibiana Ragnfríðr
Dyfros Daeqirelle

Alf Players Start of Adventure
1158 Ye – The world of Alf is prosperous and peaceful, the races are communicating well and trade between cities is mostly uninterrupted. The Elf-Kin are kept in their place and Humans are continuing their technological advances as well as their defensive and offensive tactics and abilities to “protect” their kingdoms. With new races being discovered every month or so and new technologies and magic being developed the world is in a golden age of opportunity.
Though not all is what it seems, the Elves turn away and hush their voices when around other races. Talk of secret squads is heard through the land and rumours of War keep the children inside at night.

From landing on Alf, The party has found Tyrlings, a group of sentient spiders whose names all begin with T. They have found that Sasori Order of the Holy Snake is the main deity and worship, with Samael being his opposite. The Samael brothers have been a constant threat with their power and Necklaces that allow them to revive whenever they die, with differing amounts of revivals per necklace.
The party came into owning a City by the name of Sababurn in the middle of the continent, a land that was destroyed in the past Chaos War and is now a Desert. Becoming stewards of Sababurn they built it back up, regrew the vegetation within the centre and gave it defence. Carric Vereansu Is very adamant about protecting the city as it is the last bastion of safety for Elf-Kin in a world where they are enslaved or killed easily.

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