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Session 46 (Samurai)

Session Recap:
After completing the tower, and told that in order to obtain power, the party then obtained a message from Clarisa, the party headed back to Sababurn as fast as possible. Speeding in the airship once again, Vibi had to do quick repairs once they got to the town. It was then that the party decided to speak with Clarisa, whom was speaking with Nathan about the Condition of Sabaurns’s surrender, only leaving two options: refuse and be prepared for a full scale assault, or surrender and have Elite guards in place of the town guardsmen, only under the condition that all elf kin are to be taken as slaves. While the party was discussing, and Carric having the town’s guards having the citizens go to the school house for safety, they noticed two things. One was that Zeke was seen in the hands of an elite guard, no longer useful and effectively dead, and that Claris seemed to rip off a charm on her head and had a new one placed on, which bared the mark of Samael. Seeing this, the Party then lost any trust in this conditional surrender, and during a swap of charms, Vibiana fired her rifle at Clarisa, whom seemed to have a lot of magical items to protect her. It was then that a long battle ensured, though at a price. Adison was slayed in one hit, and the school house was torched by Clarisa, along with other buildings. It was only halfway through the battle that Clarisa decided to call upon a Meteor to fall from the heavens and have a crash course for Sababurn, making the situation even worse. As our heroes were soon falling left and right, Vibiana then teleported the fallen to Stobran with Achlys and Faurgor in hopes that they can revive the dead, while Carric teleported into the schoolhouse to find an exit out for the survivors, only to find that as a last resort, Nathan injected a syringe from Sebastion to turn himself into a burrowing monster to dig through the wall, and later pass out and die. With the surviving citizens then climbed the wall out of Sababurn, Carric then focused his attention on the remaining guards and Clarisa, only to find that Clarisa soon escaped, and that the last two elite guards were forced to surrender.
- When the party finally came back to life back in Stobran, Carric went to check on the other buildings around town, only for the storage building to explode, along with the airship. Crushed hat all her alcohol was on the airship, and that we lost an airship, Vibiana then went to get drunk at the tavern. It was then that when the rest of the party returned to Sababurn, that an argument between Dyfros and Carric ensured, debating on what to do next for the safety of the people. After both of them stopped, the party regrouped with Vibi at the pub, which is when they decided that they needed additional help. Using Kalinth to send the message, Dyfros contacted Regindas, whom later teleported to the party’s location, and bringing some old friends for help. It was then that the party began to plan there next move.

Get back to town, Clarisa wants to surrender.
We basically say no by fighting back
Long battle ensures, with the feels kicking in
Almost another TPK
Party revived, much of the town is a wreck
Storage building and airship blow up
Call upon Regindas for help
Plan our next move

I never thought I would say this, but holy shit Aiden, you made an NPC I fucking hate. I’m not saying that you made a bad character, oh no. I am saying that no other NPC has ever got me fired up, and actually wanted me to get involved in stopping this villain at any cost. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a character like this, and I’m somewhat glad that Clarisa exists. So thank you for that crazy fight that really wasn’t supposed to happen.

As to the Party, let’s get psyched to take this bitch out once and for all!

Session 45 (Fish)

Session Recap:
Starting the day of with the party well rested at there stay in the 5 star Tent they split items between the group ready for use when the time was right.
Looking around the rest of floor 6 they came across what seemed to be a long ago dead body with a spell book full of divination spells giving Dyfros a wider variety of spells to play with, however before he had the chance to do anything a little spider unnoticed by carric was laying on the book and attacked dyfros in defence which was met by a flick of the book and a burnt body. Just before the party could celebrate this big victory 2 more spiders jumped from the ceiling, bigger than any the party as seen before splitting the group up they was scared. Until that moment where the ever quite vibi and ruby finally did something and before the first spider could move it was separated from half of it’s legs causing it to bleed out in a instance the other quickly followed its friends unhappy ending.
Moving on carric pointed out a room with 2 statues both holding their own sets of daggers. Easy to retrieve the group left the room and just before carric left he started acting strange, didn’t say anything just looked weirded out. Moving on the party pulled a lever which swong open a big metal gate which the final staircase of this tower was lying.
Unaware of the challenge which was ahead the party went up only to see the body of a dead monk with a book by the side of him which told the terrifying story of his party losing their strongest ability such as a ranger losing his eyes. This in turn caused the party to think of what we monster will appear, causing both fear and curiosity they decided to ready up, potions being drank spells being cast and ruby becoming really big and muscular.
Believing they are ready the party go and touch this power orb but before there hands reach it they hear some footsteps behind them as clarissa shows up. The party wasnt to happy with this as they have a bad past with her but all she wanted to know is why we was here (vibi being the only one to answer said curiosity), and then Moname came out of hiding, as if the party wasnt scared enough a 3rd figure appeared as Sebastian was sitting on the orb itself. The party knew they were in trouble, 3 people who could wipe they out on their own looking ready to attack. As a 5 headed dragon appears behind clarissa. Hearts pounding, sweat dripping from everyonces face and weapons at the ready all the unwelcome people started to shake as they was dragged towards the dragon and seemed to transform it into a terrifying beast. The shock of this cases vibi to loss concentration and miss her shots. Dyfros getting the rangers out of the way. But then Faugor comes and this thing, somthing the party thought was summoned by the tower made a mistake, not only did it scare the group it also make the Half-orc go mad cutting down Sebastian, Vibi shooting clarissa beautifully and then a team effort to take down the head/body of Moname just leaves the dragon its self. Which after a final breath killing half the party it also was struck down. Tired, lost for words, but over all extremely happy that they are know all alive carric sees that the gold plate below the orb is instructing the party to lay their hands upon it. As they do a shock of lighnting/energy goes upon them all as they feel themselves get stronger. And a voice goes through there head asking them to make a group choiuce of what they really wanted, the result was Power which was met with ‘’complete my other towers and you will have power’’.
After this a portal opens in the floor with most of the party going in straight away vibi decided to take the body of a dead monk which carric explains might not have been of this time.

A long discussion on the party’s items
Big ass spiders which scared dyfros and Diana which was quickly shoot down by Vibi
And then Terror, in 4 different forms which joined together to create something from the darkest pits of hell itself.


Session 44 (Stu)

Session Recap: As told by Carric
When Dyfros showed up in the town exclaiming that the party needed my help in the tower, I put down my paperwork and joined him and his wife in stocking up on potions before reinforcing the group. He then teleported the three of us to the lowest level of the tower of Boccob. We had to traverse the floors to catch up with the rest of the party and along the way we ran into a few beast, but they were easily dispatched. For the most part I was still pretty sleepy from the early morning paperwork so I let Dyfros guide me for a bit.
In one particular room there was a deep chasm below the walkway, and while none of us could see a monster Achlys was certain a being was down there waiting… Before crossing the room we went over new loot the party had acquired while I was away. For the most part Achlys and Dyfros lead the way with the rest of us following. However, I’ve worked with Vibi long enough to know her pattern so I kept an eye on her. We fought a series of Blackguards, impressive foes. One such batch surprised Vibi and Ruby while they were making their own way, and I helped as best I could. The girls made good work of them.
In the next floor we found a puzzle room. I set the gears in motion with the first lever and let the others make their way through the rest of it as there appeared to be no threats in the room. Beyond the puzzle we were ambushed by two fire giants. Working together we managed to make short work of them. In the next section we found ourselves up against some giant skeletons. One such skeleton ambushed Achlys, trapping her within the small room, I teleported her out of there as quick as I could. From that point forward the party saw fit to use me as there walking target in order to retrieve items from the other small rooms.
I caught Achlys eyeing me up again. With my people on their way to Alf, I’d better have a talk with her soon, otherwise my chances of becoming the Khan of my people might be in jeopardy.

Caught up with the rest of the party
Faught some Blackguards
Discovered and solved a Puzzle Room
Defeated some Fire Giants
Battled Giant Skeletons
So many Spellcraft Checks


I apologize again for the tardiness of this log.

Session 43 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:

After finishing the discussion and planning regarding Sababurn, we decided to embark to build diplomatic connections and find allies. Before leaving, however, we noticed a thunderstorm in the distance, and a tower inside it. It was similar to what Rhovandir had seen during the Thunder Crash, and we felt compelled to investigate it further.
We made it to the tower through the storm and entered, finding three stone tablets inside the large foyer written in unfamiliar script to most of us. Dyfros was able to read them and revealed this tower to be The Tower of Boccob’s Heir, a test for those “traveling the path of Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance and Foresight”. The tablets laid out the terms of entering this place, promised reward for completion but warned of punishment should we linger too long before completing all of the seven floors. We weighed the risks and rewards as well as our skills and, after some hesitation, we were ultimately confident enough to tackle the challenge.
The first floor was a maze littered with traps, however the actual threat were the ghostly beings capable of draining our strength. As we kept moving, we managed to avoid most of the traps and find a pattern for dealing with these ghosts. So we made it to the end of the first floor, where we also found a well that restored our lost strength and refreshed our casters, allowing us to keep going and move on to the second floor.
There a large portion of the floor was covered in ice with some tall icicles jutting out, creating waypoints for us as we skated across. As we did so, however, we disturbed and angered some ice giants. They managed to deal some heavy blows before we dealt with them and were able to move on to the exit undisturbed. Before leaving, we spotted another way, where we found skeletal remains holding on to a message next to stairs leading up to another room with pillars lining the walls. The message left us extremely cautious, but after a while of heavy investigation we figured out the secret laid out in the room and gained its reward. Already rather winded after the first two floors, we took a rest before heading upstairs.
The third floor was shrouded in darkness with raised walkways creating a path through the abyss underneath. Moving on cautiously we found a door along the path, however, Achlys also spotted a large being underneath in the abyss, presumably sleeping for the moment. There was another door at the far end of the room, but we still felt curious enough to investigate the one closer to us. It led to a mostly empty room safe for a chest and three cages hanging from the ceiling with a hound sleeping in each of them. An attempt aided by Vibi to take them out as they slept unfortunately only partially succeeded, and while we did end the battle as victors, during it Wilson, Achlys’s shadow companion, perished. We took a short rest and recuperated inside that room, anticipating what would be waiting for us back at – or underneath – the walkways.


Went to investigate a tower inside a thunderstorm
Seven floors of monsters, traps and puzzles in 50 hours?
Let’s go
Floor 1: Traps and ghosts that deal ability damage
Floor 2: Ice puzzles and angry ice giants and moving pillars
Floor 3: Raised walkways and fleshy beings with lots of eyes and fire hounds and probably other stuff
Also loot and xp

41 hours left and 4 and a half floors to go, I believe in you guys! \o\

But seriously, don’t you dare get killed.

Session 42 (Samurai)

Session Recap: After two unsuccessful attempts to get to the pool of sight, the party then decided that they would need additional help, calling upon Faurgor since he had fire breath. Agreeing to help, the party then makes their way back to the cave that houses the pool of sight. Being more careful than last time, the team managed to formulate a strategy and cleaned out a majority of the monsters, successfully making it to the pool with no casualties this time. On the way there, The team discovered a sentient sword called Allanoic Travossa – Bahamut’s Blade of breath. Seeing that the weapon can be used to store one’s breath weapon, Faurgor was designated as the one to weild this blade. It was then only one more hallway filled with several moss monsters until the team eventually made it to the pool of sight. Upon arriving, the pool seemed like a pond at first, but the party then found a lever that upon being pulled, water then gushed out of the ceiling and into the pond. Once everyone gathered around, they all peered into the pool, each seeing the things they wanted, and then discussed the things that they saw. Feeling like that there was more, the group then decided to explore the rest of the cave to find more loot. Sadly, the only thing found was a spider with porno books. After that awkward moment, the party then decided to leave and head back to Sababurn. Though, upon arriving, the lovely Desert town wasn’t the same anymore, as plant life finally flourished all around for the first time in many years! Along with the defenses fortified, and new businesses going way, Lunta Bull, a Guild master, came by to inform Vibi that they can set up a base for the Merchant Guild in Sababurn, to which Vibi happily agrees. Soon the party then went on to set up plans for the imminent future that lays ahead, and plan to continue the improvement of Sababurn.
Killed a lot of moss stuff
Faurgor found a cool sword
Saw the future!
Found Sad and Lonely Spider.
Went back to town, a miracle happened.
Stuff with town.
Not much really happened other than kicking names and taking asses.
Also spaced out when doing this, so I feel rather lazy for some reason.

Session 41 (Jack)

Session Recap:
The party returns from their failed mission to return Elizabeth’s father looking very beaten up. Achlys explained to Regindas what happened. She left out the part about her setting off the alarm and screwing everyone over, well done Achlys! While in mid conversation 2 elf’s walked into Regindas’s store. They were looking for small group of people to help them out in a mission (what a coincidence!). Do it, choose the people who just failed their last mission to help you out! Do it! The two elf’s accept the party to help out but would discuss further about their mission on the airship. Moments later a really stubborn “lady” walks in, Achlys didn’t seem very fond of her. The party leaves Regindas’s shop when the “lady” leaves with this two elf’s following behind. The party regroups on the airship and Kalinth finally introduces herself rather than just butt into the party, pfff. Achlys and Zeke meet in the meeting room and Achlys is attempting to persuade Zeke to allow her to sell him to at least get a little profit, Zeke didn’t like this very much. Started being rude by calling Achlys.. “Stupid”, the cheek of that shield. You wouldn’t believe it! Once every gathers in the meeting room, finally, Dyfros (one of the elfs) explains that he wishes to go to the “Pool of Sights” which allows the user to see what they desire or into the future. The party quickly stops off at Sababurn to drop off Zeke and so Achlys can explain to Elizabeth that they failed their mission and in hope she can obtain her reward for the assassination. Elizabeth was displeased that the party fails and is off to find someone else to do the job, as for the assassination.. The party apparently killed the wrong bear! That is now 2 bears that died for a nothing, Achlys’s fault! This isn’t looking very good for Achlys’s reputation. Elizabeth leaves and Achlys meets up with Vibi to drop of Zeke, and by “drop off” I mean she literally dumped Zeke on the table said that “he is yours now” and ran out the door. Vibi meets up with Nathan to find a knight talking to him. Sage Granweth the Withered Knight, he was speaking with Vibi about allying with the Humans in the war. Vibi decided to stay a neutral party in the upcoming war. Big mistake Vibi, you could have even lied to the guy. You’ve not just made an enemy of the Humans. Well done, Achlys’s isn’t the only one who is dropping their reputation. The party regroup on the Airship once again and discuss where they are heading to find the “Pool of Sights”. The party finds a cave which they are lead to believe has the “Pool of Sights” in it, they enter it and end up all ready in a fight for just rushing things. What else is new! After taking a few hits they finally defeated them and moved on, not learning from their mistakes they find themselves stuck in another fight which ends up with Kalinth being swallowed. Stop rushing! Get the idea! After the fight finished the party rushes out of the cave, revives Kalinth and then re-enter the cave after healing up. Achlys’s brain started to speak to her and gave her the idea of hiding and moving, she should use that brain more often. After defeating the monsters again, Achlys started EXP hoarding when she realised she could coup de grace the dinosaurs. BONUS! After killing a few dinosaurs and some of them scaring Achlys’s. She finally met a dinosaur that didn’t like joking around and decided to wake up and chomp at Achlys’s. The party finished the battle looking very beaten up and are deciding on what their next plan shall be.
Don’t trust the party with important missions
Zeke and Achlys’s have a rough relationship
Kalinth finally introduces himself
Vibi becomes part of the war, well done!
Achlys’s needs to be lighter on her toes.

Session 40 (Fish)

Session Recap:

So the Rogue final wake up from her ‘beauty sleep’’ the party felt ready to take on this facility. Knowing it will be different from their normal daily trials as they would have to be quiet and sneaky.
So going of to this facility just outside carnarvon via the magic circle we realise that we didnt have enough potions for everyone so that Ruby had to stay behind (mistake number one leaving a healer behind). Just before arrival we drank the potions to change our appearance, changing all but Achlys into Male humans with lab coats and other random items to replace what they had. (such as a cane for a greatsword. Satchel for a flail and a ruler for a long sword). Getting into the building causes no issues for the party even speaking to the lady at the front desk was also going well. Until the rogue went extremely blind and could not see the obvious big GOLD ANTI MAGIC CIRCLE, The thing which we spent so much on, the thing that came up in conversation so much, the thing that the Rogue was meant to disable by using her skills. But instead she believed that walking into it would also be alright. And the beginning of the end for the bear warrior began. Starting with Flesh golems nothing the party hasn’t seen before. Then a Wear Bear proved to be a lot harder than the golems by far. And just before the bear went down the party was surrounded by 4 (one invis) Statue looking things which just walked over the party like we was nothing. Even managing to Grapple the big bear which was clarified when they entered carrics anti magic aura showing there true Huge Form. The party planned a escape however Edesia didn’t want to lose another sword so instead of running for her life she died swinging taking one statue down with her. Zeke wasn’t impressed with his amazingness he jumped from the body of edesia to a statue then to Faugor who used the clone ability to escape.

Rouge is stupid dont let her do her job
Many Many Bad rolls
Bear is stupid would prefer a sword over her life
Zeke landing on his face one to many times

Never spend money on the rogue
Dont let the rogue take the lead
God danm it rogue this looked like a great place to explore
oooh ye Edesia is no more, short lived party member.

Session 39 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
With time to spare before our mission in Carnarvan, we decided to make use of it, with Carric and Vibiana visiting the king to discuss trade, while the rest of us went to for possible work or bounties. There was one in the hunters guild about a giant turtle blocking an entrance to a mine not too far, which we decided to tackle. From Regindas we received some further information about the creature, and bartered for some items to aid in the battle. On our way back we also ran into a dragonborn preacher of Bahamut, who seemed eager to help. Welcoming it we invited him along, and he introduced himself as Kalinth, a cleric from Sunderrar.
Back with the rest, Carric and Vibiana informed us that the negotiations had been successful, though it fell to us to deal with possible monsters at Sababurn’s collapsed end of the station. We then told of our findings, and we set our course for the turtle first. Easy enough to find, the beast was strong, but through group effort we took it down and returned to Stretton after gathering the shell for possible materials and the head as proof of our deed. Instead of receiving our bounty, however, we are told they need to send the miners to confirm the situation, after which we would receive the reward.
While waiting, then, we decided to deal with the railroad situation, and with the permit Vibiana received from the king gained access to the train. After about a day of travel the train halted, and we stepped out to find ourselves at the collapsed part of the tunnel, along with some broken railroad tracks. Some of us set to fix the tracks, when we were suddenly assaulted by five floating beings of mist and fire. After an intense battle we managed to defeat them, reducing them to just rubies, which after further inspection turn out to be Efreets trapped inside the gemstones. Too dangerous to just leave them be, we took them with us and returned to Stretton.
Back again, we attempted to collect our bounty of the turtle once more, however this time we are told that the miners themselves would have it. A bit disgruntled about the misinformation, we flew back to the mine, but no luck still as now apparently the owner of the mine, who lives in Stretton, would have our reward. Already an evening as we got back we went to meet this person by the name of Tyxil at his house. He himself was not home, but his servant offered us a chest as our reward, however turned out it containted only a small fraction of what was promised on the bounty poster. We were told he was likely at the mines himself, and despite the servants dislike we decided to wait there for his master to return. He never did, however, and any other attempts to wait further were thwarted by the local guard, so we decided to leave peacefully, for now. Next day we are also supposed to go through with Carnarvan, so our money collection has to wait, for the time being.

Acquired two new quests while waiting for Achlys to return before going to Carnarvan
Giant turtle and cleaning the railroad, and possible hydras
Found a loud dragonborn Bahamut preacher from the streets and took him home with us—
I mean Kalinth joins the party!
Killed dragon turtle
No bounty tho
Wenth to check the underground railroad
Defeated some Efreetis
Weird spider train
Back to Stretton, still no bounty, ran out of time before Carnarvan :c

Fire hurts. Or so I’m told. I wouldn’t know. #fireproof

Session 38 (Stu)

Session Recap: As told by Carric
After going over some city planning with Vibi, the rest of the Party left for Stretton while I stayed behind to oversee Sababurn. They were to give Clarissa the body of one Crystal Golem in payment for our part in the attack on the city by Samael. I expected them to do a bit of trading while they were there so I didn’t expect them back right away. I hope that due to our consistent trade with
Reagandas that we might be building a rapport with the mage.
A few days, full of administrative work, passed when I summoned to the Eastern Gate. The young woman claimed to be a friend of the Town Leaders. She introduced herself as Elizabeth and requested an audience with Nathan. She requested our help in retrieving her father from his Captors in Carnarvon. Elizabeth claimed that her tribe had been attacked during the night by the humans in the Neutral Lands. She claimed that her people would join the side of Sababurn should we take up arms in the war. I told her we’d have to wait until Vibi & Achlys returned to vouch for her, but we’d likely take the job. When she left towards the stables for a “snack” I followed her, and spent a good while chatting up the Stable Master outside so as to avoid a scene and any further town panic.
Upon the Party’s return the work Vibi & Achlys were both ecstatic at the news of Elizabeth’s visit. We talked it over and decided we’d officially take the job. It turned out that Elizabeth was an acquaintance of Reagandas and that he’d be our primary ally for infiltrating the complex in which her father was kept. The flight back to Stretton was uneventful. Our meeting with Reagandas enlightened us on more than the mission itself, as we discovered that Clarissa had the entire city under magical surveillance. Reagandas brought us into a plane of his own making just so that we could speak plainly. He gave us a cover identities along with complete disguises and a designated time for which we had to begin the mission. We were made aware of the ani-magic traps set up throughout the complex so we spent time bartering for the necessary equipment.
We returned to the ship for a proper night’s rest…and nothing else.

The Party goes over some city planning
Most of the Party journey’s to Stretton to settle a debt with Clarissa
Carric runs the town in their absence and visited by Elizabeth
The Party decides to take the job offered by Elizabeth
We all return to Stretton and met with Reagandas
Did a bunch of shopping then returned to the Ship


Lots of bartering and story progression. We were just too scared to Combat while Jii & Samurai were away. :P

Session 37 (Stu)

Session Recap: As Told By Carric
After finding a seller of Dykal and a bit of ego soothing the ship was ready to depart. From Untterndin we flew to Sababurn to check on it’s status. There was a bit of debate, during the flight, as to what our next move would be after the stop at Sababurn. When we met with the Spy Master, Nathan, the group was informed that ‘Annabel’ had been summoned by a relative up North. Before leaving she had witnessed a battle in the Town Hall. Upon our inspection we found the place littered with mutilated dead bodies of guardsmen and elfkin. Written in their blood was the phrase “He only had one.” This led Faugor and Dale to believe it was the work of the man who had slayed Rhovandir. While he may have been a simpleton, to imagine that my dear cousin had come to a similar end brought great pain to my heart. One day I will meet the monster who committed these atrocities and make him answer for his crimes. He was last seen traveling North.
I met with the Cleric of the Sasori temple in order to arrange for the bodies to be properly desposed. Shortly thereafter Edesia shouted about a disturbance at the gate. We all approached while Edesia continued to shout about bandits or something. Everything seemed fine. As the guards tried to do their job the driver of this wagon, Edesia was yelling about, claimed he had a gift for the leaders of the city. A cloaked man that walked beside the wagon offered Vibi a blue rose of friendship and romance, however she not so eloquently declined.
A heavily armored Sandwolf stepped out of the wagon, and the man with the blue rose tossed away his cloak revealing himself to be identical to the statue over the grave in front of the Blue Raven. He began to play music of a powerfully magical nature. We focused our attacks on the musician. After a crippling blow from the transformed Sandwolf, we performed a tactical retreat while continuing to put pressure on him. Dale was felled by the creature before we could bring it down.
The aftermath left everyone busy with their individual tasks. I spent my time performing Bahamut’s Final Rights over the dead body of Dale. With the construction given the go ahead by Vibi and Faugor, I organized the construction of his stone grave. Edesia made a friend of an animated shield from the defeated Sandwolf. It was rather obnoxious.
Vibi initiated me in as a Councilor for the city with my intent being made clear that I’d like to stay behind for now and help with the reconstruction. I have my work cut out for me, but my people need me to persevere.

Party acquires fuel for the Airship
Meeting with Nathan informs us of events that had happened while we were gone
Massacre discovered within the town hall
The Party defends against the assault of Remmar & Adrian
Dale goes to the dragon afterlife
The Party takes the day off and some of us mourn Dale’s death


Farewell Dale you brought your fair share of joy, laughter, and grief to the party. You will be missed!

Samurai we look forward to meeting your new character!

Edesia, I do hope that you get your shield to start talking again. :P


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