Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session 6 (GM)

Session Recap:
After escaping the town’s guards who became, how to say, unhinged about a few doors, The group decided to send the cart of up the road with half the Donkeys to try fool the pursuing guards. The party then goes to find a demonic temple which they believe could help revive some party members after they got their heads and backdoors smashed in at the inn.
On entering the temple the party sees an alter type thing in the middle of the room, on closer inspection they notice 4 spherical holes in the outer ring of the alter and Rhovandir spots 2 black foot prints facing him then they move towards the alter.
The group decide to inspect the surrounding room for clues and notices a load of doors, and how the group loves doors they go to investigate. Most of the doors are opened with no problem, finding several notes and scrolls the group managed to read ‘Heed my words, for they will save your soul, Follow my ways and you will lose yourself. The colours will lead you astray.’’ The White one is evil. However a problem did acour with reading these scrolls as adrean started to behave in a strange mannor, speaking out Vibi’s name over and over, as wel as caving his own name on his chest (thankfully its a bloody long name or he WOOD be more damaged than the doors the group ‘opens’)
They also managed to find different balls which all made the holder be overcome by different senses, Silver Crystal – Instills a sense of loss and depravity, Gold Crystal – Instills a sense of wealth and power, Purple Crystal – Instills a sense of purpose and direction, Black Crystal – Instills a sense of death and evil, Yellow Crystal – Instills a sense of decay and disease, Pink Crystal – Instill a sense of worry and heartache, Grey Crystal – Instills a sense of erosion and old life, Brown Crystal – Instills a sense of growth and revival, Green Crystal – Instills a sense of long life and wisdom, White Crystal – Instills a sense of heavenly power and righteousness, Orange Crystal – Instills a sense of burning and fire, Red Crystal – Instills a sense of life and blood.
Before trying anything with the Crystal’s the group explored the entire room from gaining a new blade from a Dead King like body,(which needed the Roll of 20, i mean the strength of Remmar to help open and keep open). but more importantly found a survivor by the name of Cyrus, who says his party tryied to use the alter however he is know the only one alive so naturlly just like with Remmar the group aloud this new person to join with no questions asked.
The group believed that the Crystals should be used in the alter to revive one of there fallen comrads and heding the words of papers they found they decided to use the Black, Sliver, Grey, and Orange. and after throwing there money in as well as Vibi’s body it actully worked. but ofcourse it isnt that easy what seems to be a blood prince appease and spawns a Dragon Skelliton, so the newly Vibi trys the door but gets slapped by a necromance hand.
After defeating the prince and his pet the group finaly left the place and rested for the night.
During Remmar’s watch a travaling murchant passes by and gives information about a house, Remmar allows Vibi to take watch and goes to investigate.
After a while Rovandir wakes up and ask’s about Remmars location, then decides to let the group rest before investigating. With the group awake they hear the howlingh of Remmar and go to investigate, which leads them to an old house which inside they see remmar surouded by a load of dead small spiders.
in the house Vibi hears a piano so being the younge lass she is goes to find it’s source. after ‘investigating’ some doors the group realises this house belongs to the people who killed Remmar’s Friends, and with more investigation find a really sophisticated Tiearling. After a really usless disction about the location of the Totlle Libary and a drink of tea the groupo trys to leave, however a small goblin which they noticed earlier in the house runs by then all the group hears is’THEY DID WHAT’ And a big ass Tireling jumps down and starts to attack and paralising Remmar the group decideds to vacate the building. But not before sewtting the place alite, a few jumping wout of windows and then the big spider squashing and killing both Remmar and Faurgor. so then the group decided they having to kill the spider which goes down in 3 hits.
So At the End of 2 long days the group managed to revive one meber recruit anouther, and get 2 killed so YEYYY…….More next time

Session 5 (Stephen)

Session Recap: The Day began with the funeral of those that fell in previous battle. The leaders of both the small-kin and elf-kin fell in the previous combat. Warrin tended to the funeral rites of the bodies he could recover, as many fell into the river and were lost to us. Without our notice Dale had left during the aftermath of the battle, heading towards Stobran. He also managed to defile tyr’s corpse before he left.
The poisoned stew would later fade, allowing for the sleeping party members and elf-kin to awaken. In addition a gnoll named remmar, a self proclaimed pet of some of the fallen elf-kin, emerged. He as well would defile the corpse of Tyr. From there the group worked towards stabilizing the two broken factions. A mysterious book was found in Tyr’s house. A book from a library believed to not exist. Said book would have its words fall from the pages before Rhovandir and Remmar could bring it to the rest of party. Remmar decided to find the Library in hopes of finding a target for his vengeance since tyr was beyond his reach. A goblin opposed to the actions of his fallen leaders was found and made to be chief in place of the dead dwarf. This new goblin chief welcomed the elf-kin into the village and with the urging of Adrien, the elf-kin agreed to join. Before leaving the party would acquire a crate of explosives and head off with the wagon towards Tahkoniemi
The party reached Tahkoniemi finding it a city where slavery of elf-kin was not only common, but absolute. The Party explored the city, gathering supplies and information. But upon witnessing an act of violence against a slave, several members of the party would destroy a door belonging to the local Blacksmith. The Next day the Party found themselves trapped in their inn and surrounded by guards, guards heavily upset by door destruction. The guards lead by Lyon Ryallhigh attemted to capture the party. Since that would mean enslavement for Rhovandir and Faurgor, The party chose to resist and flee. In the Battle both Warren and Vibiana fell to the blade of Lyon Ryallhigh. The party barely escaped Lyons grasp with the bodies of their allies. They fled north. An temple of an evil god ahead and lyon and his guards behind them.
Funeral held for both small-kin and elf-kin
Small-kin and elf-kin groups join together under new leadership.
A book from a mysterious moving library is found
The party leaves with a crate of explosives
The party arrives in the city of Tahkoniemi
Several members of the party destroy a door of a local blacksmith
Guards mount all out attack on party
Warrin and Vibiana are killed by Lyon Ryallhigh
The bombs are missing.
The Party flees the city of tahkoniemi and heads north, towards the border and an evil temple
The Guards are still in pursuit

Session 4 (Stu)

Session Recap as told by Rhovandir:
“The day was coming to an end when I had finally gotten a job in this village of Menonen. An old Goblin, Tyr, had lost a small pet. Apparently it was a job for two as he had hired a Knight also. After getting a rough description of what I believed to be a spider with an orange collar, Tyr told us to whistle and call it by name, Titl, and it should follow us. We departed from his company and as we did so the Knight and I noticed other Outsiders. When we introduced ourselves to them I learned that the Knight’s name was Warin. Only two of the Outsiders felt like talking; Adrian and Dale.
In the morning we witnessed the Treaty Signing between the Elfkin and Smallkin. Adrian informed me and Warin that his companions had unknowingly let the Elven Caravan get killed. As such the Elves did not have the required tribute for the Treaty Signing, so it went very poorly for them. Warin seemed very intent on finishing the job we were given, so with the guidance of Dale and Adrian we went in search of Titl.
After a day’s ride and a night of rest we found the cocooned body of Titl. He was not as little as I was led to believe. When Dale opened the up the webbing many spiderlings sprouted forth. We despatched them with relative ease, however Dale was bitten a few times and his strength seemed to be drained from him. Warin hitched up the comatose Titl to his mules; Wilson & Winston. On our way back to town Titl awoke. I tried to calm the huge creature, but I had forgotten to whistle until it was too late. Dale valiantly wrestled with Titl, even taking a bite or two, while Warin and I speared the beast into unconsciousness. Dale in his fury crushed Titl’s head. We all disposed of the body, continuing on.
When we arrived back at Menonen the sun was setting, so we all parted ways to rest. An Elf Tribe had set up camp outside of the town. Lala and Lugg, a kindly elven couple put me up for the night in an extra tent. In the morning we all met up and gave Tyr the news of his pets death. He didn’t take it well, especially when Dale slapped him around a bit. I think Dale was trying to calm him down? Tyr ran back into his hut quickly but he had left a handprint on Dale’s chest. It exploded and sent Dale flying 10 feet into me. We left confused and un-paid.
Adrian brought it to our attention that the Smallkin of Menonen intended on slaughtering the Elfkin Tribe. With Adrian and Warin agreeing to help save the elven tribe, I went with Adrian to the Chief’s tent. The Chieftain, Sully, was ignorant of the tactics of war the other races will use against our trusting natures. Goblins had entered the elven encampment to hand out “soup.” Warin had gotten one of the goblins to return with their “soup” back into town, when I became aware of what they were doing. I snatched up the other goblin in hopes he would admit his plot, yet even at the sight of Dale’s foaming maw he didn’t break. The Smallkin archers opened fire upon Sully; it was only then when half his people were fast asleep that he understood. As the battle raged I tried to save Lala from the same fate as Lugg, only to lose her and my steed Glithel. Tyr had killed the kindly elven couple that took me in and my loyal Glithel. The power of my ancestors surged through me and in my rage I remember nothing of the battle after.”

Got a Job to retrieve Titl
Rhovandir & Warin join forces with Adrian & Dale
Find Titl and kill its babies
Titl wakes up from its slumber on our way back to town so we killed it
Elfkin pitched up their tents outside of Menonen
Adrian believes the Smallkin intend on massacring the Elfkin Tribe
Party joins the Elfkin in the ensuing battle

Dale had a very long run of bad luck, yet he fought strategically so as to not die (Sorry about this being your Finale before going off to Camp, we look forward to your return).

Session 2 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
This session found our heroes recovering from the battle with the malfunctioning constructs, which Brash informed were originally from the Dragonkin lands as she harvested them for parts and materials. The caravan continued on as the road next lead them past a decrepit tower, from where the team found a group of orcs holding and interrogating a hostage. A hard and taxing fight ensued, almost annihilating our heroes. With the help of some grease and silent images from their new gnomish friend, wizard Venna, the group emerged victorious, and after a rest they finished the rest of the way to Petrija.
In Petrija, the group received their rewards as the NA cards they were promised, and were now free to roam and work in Alf. Shortly after they parted ways with Brash, they encounter a human introducing himself as Adrien Isidore Damien André Nicodème, who succeeded in joining the party with his bardic skills.
The rest of the day was spent with shopping and ended in a tavern, in which the heroes overheard some talk about an orc causing some trouble. Related, Vibiana brought in a wanted poster of an orc by the name of Burrrg, and without better plans the party decided to pursue the outlaw, after resting back to full strength of course. A few days pass, and the group is back on the road.
After battling with survival and some wild-life, the team encounter some rather suspicious lizardfolk holding a large sack of some sort. With the element of surprise the team quickly gains an upper hand and eliminates the lizardfolk. As they inspect their belongings, they find that the sack contains quite a sum of silver as well as three gnome heads, and after a bit of a shock they throw the sack with the heads into a nearby river.
One more day of hunting Burrrg, the team encounters an encampment of orcs. While sneaking and gathering intel and confusing them with a silent image bear, the party is eventually noticed and they battle the rest of the orcs and their pet bear Yoma. After dealing with the orcs they are attacked by Burrrg himself, and manage to overwhelm and beat him with help from the bard and the wizard.
Venna joined the party after being saved by/saving the party from a group of orcs
Gained NA cards, Adrien joined the party, shopping, resting
Went after Burrrg in hopes of a high reward, destroyed some spiders
Suspicious lizard-folk with three gnome heads and a lot of money
Found Burrrgs “stronghold” and underlings, killed said underlings (and Yoma)
Found and killed Burrrg
Notes: Orcs with pet bears. Also almost everyone leveled up.

Session 1 (Samurai)

Session Recap: The story begins with our heroes, if that’s what they’re called, landing at the port town of Kaanaa. First came in the boat from Sunderrar, in which Dale Blackclaw, a somewhat professional dragon hunter, departs from. Then came the ship from Brigga, where the Half-Orc Dragon Shaman Faurgor hails from. Finally comes the ship from Carmenia, where a majority of the party comes from: Vibiana (Vibi for short), the gun-toting Ranger; Jackal, the Goblin Swordsage, and Elsa, a ice sorcerer (or sorceress if you want to be specific.) After getting through paperwork, the party meets Brash Dalia, a dwarf lady that requested people in need to guard a caravan to Petrija, and in return, she would give them the NA cards they need to go about in Alf. On the way to Petrija, they encountered a group of Elves setting up for an ambush, taking care of them with no casualties. Over the next few days travelling, the party was then attacked by a pack of wolves, in which during this encounter, the sorcerer Else was killed. Her body was properly buried after the wolves were dealt with. Pretty soon, on the same day, the party then combats three malfunctioning constructs that were blocking the way of the caravan. After dealing with them, Brash them disassembled them and called the party over.
Events: – All PCs have made it to Alf at the Port town of Kaanaa, of the Small-Kin Region of Alf.
After doing some bullshit paperwork, the party waits to get their NA (Not Alfian) Cards at Isle 64 (correct me if I’m wrong).
That is when the two sponsors come by: Brash Dalia, a female Dwarf who’s looking for those to guard a caravan of stuff to Petrija, and Lyon Ryallhigh, a man recruiting for the Military of Stratton.
The Party goes to help Brash. In return of their help, they’ll receive NA cards.
Overnight, a group of Elves set for an ambush, but the party takes them out. In the process, Vibi and Dale go unconscious, but get back up to live another day. Part of the forest was lit on fire, but Brash’s workers put the flames out.
A few days in travelling, and a pack of wolves comes to attack for food. A party member was killed in the fray. Elsa’s body was then properly buried on the side of the road, but not without taking her Wand of Cure Light Wounds, and her money.
The party, on the same day, encounter three Malfunctioning Constructs, whom they dealt with pretty easily.
Notes: Yomo fucking drowns. :D

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