Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session 17 (Fish)

Session Recap:
After the colosseum the group made quick haste out of stretton as they was being pelted with arrows. Once in the air the great Cpt Vibi managed to get us a safe distance as we decided to talk to Lyon who seemed to be running from his ex commanders.
After some light discussion and Remmar pointing out that some feathers have been falling from him he took his breast peace of to reveal to the group that he had wings. Explaining that he was part of a race of ‘Angel like beings’ and that the humans attack either killing or controlling everyone around. he didn’t remember anything else as he believed he had been experimented on.
The group decided to head for the mountains where Rhovandir needed to obtain some troll tusks. On arrival the group quickly found 2 normal looking trolls as well as a red with glowing feet. A quick plan was made to surround them with remmar and faurgor taking the lead. With Remmar getting there attention they didn’t seem threatening at all, infact they treated Remmar as a pet. taking Remmar and Faurgor inside as the 3rd troll goes fishing. The rest of the party didn’t understand that Rem & Fau wasn’t in danger so decided to kill this troll, but before they did he let out a mighty rawr alarming the others who seemed to want to protect their new pets.
After killing the first troll the group attacked the red one, and going against what Remmar and Faugor said Rhovandir finished him. The group went back to the ship with tensions high.

After this they decided to warn villagers around Wolfden about the meteor. however the first 2 was a bit disobedient and did not believe a word Remmar and Vibi said. However coming to the 3rd Village Remmar scared them (by accident) and a young self proclaimed hero attack. laughing at his enthusiasm Remmar and Faurgor couldn’t calm him down however the your maiden Vibiana did. Then Dale being himself decided to intimidate the boy and almost got himself killed, thank god the pets was there to pin him down and fly him away. After talks with the younge lad he started spreading the word that they need to evacuate.

Meanwhile Anabel delivered the tusks money and a message to the right people in Stretton as she wasn’t known to be with the group.
Heading home Rhovandir took over the paperwork from Lavv. Then started making plans to extend their now thriving town. When getting the supplies from Stobran, Vibi was made stewardess of Sababurn.

Stupid barberian doesn’t understand nice civilized trolls and killed the making a fighter and Dragon Shaman angry.
Stupid Warblade almost getting his arss handed to him by the HERO of the lands.
Fighter hitting on one of the newly seen Adreian family.
The Ranger is now a main leader of Sababurn

Dont mess with the hero of the story

Session 15 (Stu)

Session Recap: As told by Rhovandir
After being freed from our cells by Adrian’s sister Ayla, we moved sneakily to out maneuver the two prison guards. Between Faugor, Remmar, and myself we over power them quickly. We scrounged up what arms and items we could from the unconscious guards. It was then that some of us noticed Adrian had been hiding one hand in his pocket. Remmar pulled Adrain’s arm away from his pocket, and to our horror we saw that our captors had cut off Adrian’s hand. We then freed our ally Paltaris and three goblins; Stabby, Slashy, and Bashy. When we make it to the entry room of the dungeon we find a sleeping guard behind a desk. Alya and I charged the guard as he awoke, leaping over the desk I pulled him out of his chair just as Ayla cracked him over the head rendering him unconscious. In the desk we found a letter to the guardsman from his parents in which they referenced a “Doctor Sebastien” who was scheduled to visit the prison. There was also a ‘Guest List’ which contained the names of both powerful enemies and allies of ours, including members of Vibi’s family.
We decided to travel through the ‘Research Facility.’ We find a small bunk room with two sleeping guards. Ayla silently disabled the first guard, and as I tried to do the same the guard woke up but luckily Remmar had my back and crushed the man into the wall. In another room we find our mundane items, though in the process of searching the room I get stuck to a chest that turns into monstrous creature. Through the valiant efforts of Faugor, Remmar, and Ayla the creature was, though Remmar ended getting stuck in its gewy substance. While Vibi, Paltaris, and Faugor went to the cleaning room to find something that could get us unstuck, I was compelled to strike up a conversation with Ayla. I didn’t realize I was blushing until Remmar blurted it out in front of Ayla and Adrian. Thankfully the others arrived quickly so the room wasn’t quiet for long. Slashy, Stabby, and Bashy apparently ditched us through a small hole they found in the cleaning room.
In the next room we found RURON!…aaand Vinnie, a few wolves and some Tyrlings. I had the wolves follow me as I guarded the corridor while the others checked some rooms. Remmar charged into a room smushing a man into the wall. We all followed him in meanwhile Remmar found an exotic new toy for Vibi. She in turn whipped it out from under his arms shooting another man through the head. Ayla, standing no father than 10 feet from me, disappeared entirely from my sight. Faugor finished off the last man. I went to search a table but tripped over myself due to my being fascinated by Ayla’s ability to pass beyond my senses. For some ungodly reason there was a room full of zombies munching on a pile of dead bodies. Adrian and Ayla become more secluded as blue veins are visible starting to bulge on both of them. All of a sudden an alarm went off and guards began to spill out of the mess hall. We retreat down the eastern corridor, breaking down the walls as we ran.
We found ourselves in a large room called a “Hangar.” Stepping out of the shadows came Lyon Ryallhigh. He proclaimed what they did to Adrian was punishment for the broken doors and deaths of his guards. He waved around Adrian’s dismembered hand all the while. We charged him, but as we did he cast a spell on Remmar. A moment later I found myself trading blows with Remmar after he knocked out Ruron. I sent the wolves to assist Faugor as he alone stood in the way of Lyon and the others. Then I heard Adrian’s music and Remmar stopped attacking. Together we moved in to help take down Lyon, and after we did so I took his head. I did not want to see this man revived. I saw as Adrian and Ayla finished a quiet argument they were having, ending with Ayla drinking the last vial of blue liquid they had. Ayla disappeared and began to cry, while Adrian again refused to give the rest of us any sort of explanation.
Vibi had ran off to the ship when we heard clapping and laughter. An odd looking man with a compliment of brawny soldiers walked into view. He must have been the person that was sending Faugor the threatening messages, for the two of them were having a stand off. The man said that it was time for Faugor to return with him, and Faugor steadfastly refused. Vibi got the large Airship’s engine roaring and the fight began for this Sebastien and his men stood in our way of escape. Faugor and Remmar were quickly surrounded by the soldiers. I saw Ayla appear behind Sebastien only for him to grab her. I charged him in hopes of freeing Ayla, but as I did so he let her go and reappeared atop Ruron. He injected Ruron with something and he was rapidly overtaken by a tentacle mass from within. I did my best to end the poor creatures suffering. Remmar broke through what was left of the soldiers to help me do so quickly. I heard shots ring out from the airship as Vibi was the only one who could hit this Sebastien monster. He simply disappeared after we killed his men saying something like: “yes, very interesting.” We found Adrian dead after the battle; his night terrors overcame him. We left this horrible place as quickly as we could.
We made our way to the Coliseum and signed up for the tournament.
Escaped the Cells
Fought some guards
Looted the place
Retreated to the Hangar
Fought and killed Lyon
Adrian died
Held off Sebastien
Signed up for the tournament

Notes: We say goodbye to Havok, he was nice guy to have in our group.

Session 14 (HavokLord)

Session Recap:
The brave adventurers continued their exploration of the temple ruins. Lead by Remmar and Adrian, the Group advanced further into the dungeon either triggering traps or detecting and disabling them. There were several traps within every room or corridor. The corridors twisted and turned but the group continued on.By this time the group had established a marching order for lighting and trap detection. Remmar would lead with Adrian behind but already having checked for traps. Remmar would then only trigger traps that Adrian could not find. They were followed closely by Paltaris, who was glowing and providing light for the party, then by Rhovandir, Faurgor and Vidi.
The group eventually came to a room and discovered a secret door. The door how ever was only openable by using 2 levers and solving the picture puzzle. By cooperating, taking turns and combined cleverness the group managed to get the door to open. The group then entered the secret room. Within this room there was a large statue of a snake, a holy monument.
The group gave the statue a quick search but found nothing special. The group then split up for a while with Remmar, Paltaris and Vidi continuing to explore more corridors. This was short lived as the other discover something special with the statue and triggered something that caused it to speak. The group quickly reunited to unravel the mystery of message. The more long term members of the party pieced together the riddle and soon Remmar stepped forward with his magical amulet. The message was about a special chosen one that was evidently Remmar because he possessed the amulet. A magical event happened and a rainbow of light went between the statue to the amulet and then the amulet disappeared.
This triggered the statute to crumble and fall. The statue was very large and almost fell on 2-3 member of the group. Fortunately one was seriously injured. However simultaneously barriers came slamming down and blocked many of the exit and doors the brave adventurers had come through. The group then need to find a new way out of the ruined temple.
They group started exploring several passages all at the same time and the group became separated. At one point Remmar fell down a 100 foot pit and was discovered down there by Paltaris. Remmar had to be rescued by the other party members. From that point on mostly stayed together although Vidi and Faurgar stopped exploring the dungeon while the other continued to search for a way out and discover everything in the temple. There were many winding corridors, traps and a few chest behind locked doors. The party found thousands of gold and 3 wands plus a very nice mace.
Meanwhile outside the temple a battle was ongoing and making lots of noise. Faugar and Vidi went out to investigate and assist the residents of the village while the other finished their search.
Outside the battle was raging between lizardfolk and the villagers. Fires were burning and the lizardfolk were attacking guards and villagers. But 1 particular battle stands out as several guards have a man in black(MIB) surrounded and are attacking him. The MIB is however an excellent swordsman and has the guards severely out classed. The guards cannot hit him and continue to hit each other by mistake. In the end MIB killed all the guards.
Meanwhile the group has entered the fray and began helping the guards fight the lizardfolk. Rhovandir rode his horse to help defend the villagers from the lizardfolk attacks. The others continued fight lizardfolk closer to the temple. The guards did not appreciate the groups help and at times attempted to attack the group members. Paltaris had approached the MIB with the intention of helping the poor guards. He was warned by the other more experienced members that MIB was beyond the group’s skills and abilities.
About this time 2 Men in White(MIW) appeared and began attacking MIB. They eventually beat MIB down to the point were hit committed suicide or at least it appeared to be suicide. MIB transformed into a large snake and began attacking everyone close by. The group attacked the large snake, cutting and injuring it. Each wound caused it to release smaller snakes that attacked the group. With assistance of the MIW the party destroyed the snake causing it to birth again to the MIB.
The MIB then ran away. The MIW asked if we wanted to continue chasing him. The group said yes. 1 of the MIW offered potions to the party members to help catch the MIB. The party drank to potions and then proceeded to pass out. Rhovandir was further away and had not yet taken a potion when the others started passing out. As Rhovandir rode up Faurgar, Rammar, Adrain and Vidi all fell to the ground. Paltaris turned invisible. Rhovandir was attacked and almost killed by the MIW. Paltaris healed Rhovandir but could not revive him and he was also captured by the MIW. The MIW took the group to an airship. Paltaris attempted to stowaway but was alos captured.
The whole group awoke days later in individual prison cells.

Session 13 (GM)

Session Recap:
As the party travels on and assign guards to their posts, the day darkens and they hear Orcish grunts,
“More meat for the slaughter boys!”
Adrian in response lights up the area to reveal a large hoard of corpses and a roving gang of orcs, assumed to be the bandits responsible for this slaughter. Also illuminated is an unknown vagabond in a rather dapper looking cloak fleeing south from two dragonborn guards. The vagabond seeing the party decides it would be in his best interest to get the party involved in his affair and asks them for assistance, but the party has questions. The vagabond reveals himself to be Paltaris, a man from Carmenia in possession of a book that causes people to chase after him. The party deliberates for some time and decides it’s best to try and talk the guards into helping them fight the bandits and then working out what to do with Palataris. Rhovandir, now a steward of Sababurn, decides it’d be best to use a diplomatic approach and have the guards take his command since they are under his jurisdiction.
The guards stay sturn and insist they’re going to get Paltaris and his book even if they have to go through the party. Rhovandir and the party decide to help Paltaris after they take out the bandits to see if they can reason with guards. A long battle between the party, the bandits, Paltaris and the dragon born guards then ensues. The party dispatch all but one bandit who tries to flee for his life, Rhovandire rides after the bandit with Vibi tagging along for the ride. The pair try valiantly to dispatch the runaway orc but it’s Adrian who finishes him off with a long shot from his lutebow. Paltaris is attacked by the dragonborn and Adrian finds himself in the middle of the frey and is injured in the process. Paltaris turns out to be a tricky spellcaster of sorts who is able to evade damage and freeze his opponents. The battle ends with both bandits and dragonborn guards being slain and the party must decide what to do with the body’s.
Examining the body of the dragonborn frozen by Paltaris revealed a familiar symbol in the form of a magical rune
Similar to this, Paltaris informs the party that it’s some form of magic rune that has mind control effects and has nothing to do with necromancy as some of the party had previously thought but he couldn’t find out who had created the rune or who had cast it. The party bury the dragonborn guards and the others, assign the last of the guards to their posts and sets up camp ready for the next day.
A few days of travel pass by uneventful until Adrian and Vibiana notice something glinting in the desert. The party moves in to investigate. They come across some ruins with a fallen statue possibly belonging to a deity or celebrity. Vibiana with the help of Adrien finds a metallic hand and figures the rest of the body must be around somewhere, excited by the possibility of finding a construct of artificial intelligence she begins to comb the surrounding area in hopes of finding the rest of it. The rest of party helps look, however Remmar finds something more sinister and howls for the party to assemble. In the corner of a ruin they see the leftover green skin of the red cloaked man. The party gets nervous and talk of leaving as soon as possible. Vibi however is adamant to find the rest and continues to search, Remmar follows telling her to leave and Faugor is none too pleased about her disregard to the red cloaked omen. However through her childish stubbornness the party reluctantly resumes the search hoping to leave as soon as possible.
Remmar is once again the one who finds trouble, this time it’s the rest of the metal being and it’s not too happy about being disturbed and attacks him. Vibi tries to talk to the being to see if it is sentinal but she’s unable to make any determination regarding it’s intelligence. During the battle Vibi attempts to dismantle the metalic being from behind, but is found and killed. The others fought on valiantly but Faugor is next to fall. Eventual the metalic being falls to the party’s strength, Rhovandir, Remmar, Adrien and Paltaris take the body’s and the metalic being to a nearby town to have Vibi and Faugor revived. but 2000G a person is a steep price and the party realise they need work to make it up. The village elder tells the party that they would like a relic returned from a cave just outside of town. Upon investigating they soon realise that cave is filled with traps and undead, the party slowly makes their way through the cave with Adrien making a regular sweep for traps down each dark narrow passage. Vibi foolishly gets too close to a zombie ogre who is able to take her down with a single swipe. Faugor takes her corpse back to the village to be revived once more while the party waits. As soon as Vibi and Faugor are back the party continues to adventure forth, who know’s what trouble they’ll find.

Session 12 (Fish)

Session Recap:
Waking up in their newly acquired home the group meet to discuss what the plans are for the town and the group. As Rhovandir was already searching for new land for his people he stood forward and took the lead of the new ‘project’ as some of the other party members just nodded their heads as they didnt really understand what was happening.
Knowing that the town needed both supplys and guards Rhovandir and Adrien (group 1) decided to travel to Stobran as they knew that the council there would happily lend a hand. As for Remmar and Faurgor (group 2) took guard duty with Vibi tampering with her toys at the pub.
Group 1: on the road towards Stobran they spotted a regular ‘face’ in the form of the red capped figure. not wanting any troble they try move silently and hide however the Red cape was to quick for them as he followed the noice, saw the horse with the group on top and swung his blade, however as Rhovandir is a master horseman he avoids the blow and rushes of to their destination.
meanwhile Group 2 decided to investigate the one house which seemed to be emptied. Not wanting to brake down any doors which belong to the party Remmar used the aid of the snake however the snake was uneasy and told Faurgor that it smelt blood on the other side. So remmar doing what he dose best broke in and they noticed 3 dead guardsmen on the floor and on closer inspection had a simble recognised by Faurgor burnt into their heads. As they was about to check the upstairs area they heard a band and rushing up see a holl in the wall. Faurgor used his brain and walk outside to check it out as Remmar ‘trys’ to jump out. after landing remmar notices someone they know by face, great power and the lack of ability to jump :P. This time he didnt really say much however Remmar tryed to get him to talk and almost died doing letting Lyon past and he just walked away.
Group 1: after reaching the town they head straight to the council and asked about supplies, guards and if they can get people from the poor district. The council only had one problem and that was that the group couldn’t just take ownership of there land without the correct documentation, which they get after a couple houses and 2 dragon bites on the hand. The first thing they did was go to the guard captain who also the captain at Wallrath. The captain seemed shocked by the group’s new powers and didnt seem to happy about it either. however following orders he gave the guards which was requested. then going to the poor district and managing to get 43 people who wanted to join.
On there travles back group one saw a tired looking Lyon who didnt cause no troulbe and just walked past.
Group 2: After resting from the fight the group did their rounds and at the gates saw the red cloaked figure. Not allowing strangers into there new home Remmar and Fargour wanted to talk however all they got was voices in there heads asking them to move. As the red Clocked didnt seem to cause a problem the group let him pass but with a close eye on him. As soon as they noticed his intentions was to gain the airship so the group attacks and remmar howls for Vibi. as the group tried to stop him remmar fell unconscious and was pickedup with a blade to his throat so the group and no choice but to let him go.
After returning to the town Rhovandir assined the new guards and townspeople to there places and once all information was passed on, the mage in the town made mayor (or what ever) the group headed of to the arena which holds great fortuen which would help forming this new town. On there way the party see a load of dead corpses and hears “ooh more meat for the slaughter boys” (somthing along them lines)


Session 11 (JiiBee)

Session Recap retold by Faurgor:

During the night at the inn in Stobran I got separated from the rest of the party along with Cyrus. If those people looking for us were really after me, I deemed it best to divert them away from the rest of group, and Cyrus offered to assist me in this with his flying companion. We took a different route out of the city and were seemingly unpursued. After a day or so we regrouped with our friends as both halves were heading towards Sababurn.
On our way we… intercepted a messenger raven, who was carrying a message from my mentor. It told the same story I had gathered from the events back in Stobran – my past was catching up with me all the way from Brigga.
After another night of travel and defending ourselves from some desert snakes as well as Vibiana finding an animal companion for herself, we hid our airship and arrived to Sababurn to find a group of bandits had taken a hold of it, lead by an individual named Uthur. We conducted some business and when we gathered our party at the local pub, as Adrien had something to tell us, we were approached by some of the locals and asked to help them to disband the bandits and defeat Uthur. Interested in what they had to offer as well as not finding it within ourselves to leave the townsfolk to their fate we decided to help them.
Upon learning that the bandits placed their trust more on their numbers instead of skills, we decided to lessen those numbers by taking them down a few at a time before we would go after Uthur himself. We conducted a plan of attack and split up into smaller teams and aided with me dressing up and being disguised magically by Adrien as one of the bandits as well as the intel Adrien had managed to gather, we managed to take down quite many of them. Vibiana along with Remmar as well as her new companion, as townsfolk seemed to respect the viper, went to recruit the town’s blacksmith, a supposedly skilled fighter, when they were more or less ambushed by the rest of the bandits, as well Uthur himself stepping into fray. The following fight was taxing and challenging, as Uthur seemed to have some magical aid on his side, and unfortunately the freshly recruited blacksmith, Alex, fell in it, but in the end we emerged victorious.
We rested briefly before the townsfolk were gathered to discuss the future of the town, we decided to help rebuild it as well as reinforce it in case of future sieges. Rhovandir seemed to take particular interest in this endeavor, as he hoped for Sababurn to become new home for his hometribe.
Adrien also found a book called Tome of Eberron, which turned out to be a direct clue about the Totil Library, as this tome as well bled away all its ink. We managed to read the books inscription however and found out the library’s current location, which would be Penshurst.

The party regrouped on their way to Sababurn.
Faurgor received a note of warning that he’s being hunted.
Vibiana “recruited” herself an animal companion, large viper Vinnie.
Arrived in Sababurn, promised to help get rid of the bandits now running it.
Defeated the bandits as well as their leader Uthur.
The party decided to make Sababurn their “homebase”, as well as help rebuild and reinforce it.
Found more fuel for the airship.
Found a clue about the Totil library, including its current location.

Nobody died! Well, no PC died! Yey : D

Session 10 (Stu)

Session Recap as told by Rhovandir:
“My companions and I decided to rest in the tower of the Goblin Keep before heading back to Stobran. I saw Adrian drink a blue liquid from his bottle again, and this time I asked him about it. Apparently the poor bard suffers from night terrors. When Remmar awoke me for my watch, he told me that he had seen goblin scouts but that they seemed not to notice us. On my watch I heard what my people call ‘the whistle of death’ as five arrow sized javelins stuck into me. As I saw the fresh blood seep through my shirt, I stood, yelling out to my friends. Then I felt the sixth javelin hit my spine, my legs gave out beneath me, and I passed into darkness. My allies must have fought valiantly as the battle was over when Adrian brought me back to the living.
Upon our return to the Dragon Council’s Estate in Stobran we saw Lyon speaking with one of the Dragon Lords. Standing with Lyon was a Red Caped Man. A large eye appeared on the cape and as its gaze fell on us, I began to feel sick. Remmar and Ryuu seemed not to notice this, however Adrian and Vibi looked even worse than I felt. We were quick to finish our business with the Dragonkin Councilors, not wanting to be seen by Lyon. They rewarded us with gold, and offered us friendship, a very valuable thing indeed.
We returned to the inn we had stayed in earlier that week. Not ones to fall for the same trick twice, Remmar offered the Inn Keeper a big bag of gold to make sure we were not ‘disturbed.’ He refused such a sum and I remember the Dragonkin code of ‘equal exchange’ he could not accept such a gift as he had no way to match it (this knowledge had helped me find Dragonkin on Sunderrar). After helping Remmar offer the correct amount we went to the finest room they had to rest. We were awoken during the night by one of the wait staff. He said that Lyon had come looking for us, so the boy showed us a back way out. Remmar gave him a gold coin and the boy gave him a Key.
The back exit lead to an old flooded prison. We tried to free two horrifyingly skinny men. They in turn tried to eat us, so we slayed them. We were ambushed by a couple of large bug monsters that rusted our armor to dust. Once they were killed we re-suited up and continued on. It dawned on us after a short while that we were being followed by something. Remmar was curious about another room and when he entered two more of these ‘Rust Monsters’ appeared, disintegrating his armor and weapon. It was at that moment the creature following us revealed itself, only it wasn’t one creature but waves and waves of monstrous spiders. We ran for our lives as Adrian summoned a Griffin to cover our escape. Vibi had found a small Airship and Remmar gave her the Key. Vibi flew off of the flying city island of Stobran masterfully.
We had to land for a rest on our way to Wallrath. I was awoken by a gunshot being fired by Vibi as she expertly brought down a bandit leader’s Warhorse. The rest of the bandit gang closed in, but we made short work of them. I ran to the downed Warhorse, and to my great relief there was a faint beat of life left in him. I got to work healing the Warhorse and keeping it calm once it awoke. The party then continued traveling in the Airship I rode North following them to Wallrath, as we did the weather changed to icy cold. It was so bad in fact that little Miss Vibi fell ill just outside of town. She didn’t regain consciousness until after we had gotten rooms at an Inn and I brought her a glass of local whisky (she is apparently no stranger to alcohol).
After purchasing some supplies for our travels we went to see the Military Officer in town to see if he had any access to the fuel we needed for the Airship. Vibi showed extensive knowledge of the ship and while the Military Officer seemed impressed by this he was not willing to negotiate until after hearing Vibi’s family name (She must come from a strong Clan). We then had a long talk about where to go next as a group. I did not want to part with Ruron as he is mine by right. In the end it seemed like gold was the deciding factor. I paid for the fuel just purchased, and in return we will be traveling around the mountains on our way to Stratton. We shall see what opportunity awaits us in Sababurn. The way Adrian described it makes it seem like an interesting place.
Ambushed by a squad of Goblins
A “Red Caped Man” is seen with Lyon as we return Ryuu to Dragon Council
Inn staff help us escape in the night
Rust monsters strip us of armor & waves of spiders chase us but we escape on an AIRSHIP!! (Yay!)
Yet again attacked in the night & I saved a HORSE!! (Yay!)
Bitterly cold weather hits us
Stopped into Wallrath for supplies. Elf Noble is only willing to trade for fuel with Vibi
After much debate we decide to head for Sababurn
Now that we have all of this kick ass stuff we gotta try and not lose it!! :D

Session 9 (GM)

Mission Report: We awoke together in the Inn, with Vibi and Faurgor entering my room to group up and decide what the team as a whole wanted to do next. We all agreed we should ask around, or even go to Astarot, for another quest to do, though some thought we should head to the Colosseum straight away. As we went to exit it seemed fate had another idea, a messenger from Astarot had been waiting at the Inn, due to the Innkeeper not giving up our whereabouts. He told us the Official wanted our help with another accident.
Returning to Astarot we were told that another Lord had been kidnapped during the night by the name of R. He asked our group to set off to the suspected hiding place of the kidnappers and told us to keep quiet about the kidnapping and the person who was missing. Getting ready we all set off to the keep.
It was night by the time we arrived, but we could make out the outlines of the keep, along with a watchtower full of Goblins. The bright ideas thrown about lead to Remmar pushing Rhovandir with his shield up the tower, with the second attempt bearing fruit, but led to a battle nonetheless. Goblins lined up one by one as they climbed the tower and Rhovandir felled each one with 1 blow from his attacks of opportunities. We continue on through the keep, killing more goblins on the way.
On our killing spree we came across a captured Giant, who Remmar persuaded to join us in killing the leader of the kidnappers. As we went through the keep we fought a cleric in the ranks, solved a picture puzzle and fought the leader Sargoo, who had a helping mage who blasted Cyrus with mighty flames, killing him with the second volley and deeply wounding the rest of us.
We rescued another Official by the name of Ryuu and made our escape from the keep, with Cyrus and the Giant’s bodies with us in hopes we could save them.
Astarot asked us to help him save another Lord
Went to the Kidnapper’s keep and cleared it out
Cyrus and Giant died in the process.
Solved a puzzle and rescued the lord.

The necklace of fireball that the mage was using had 1 more bead left, which Adrien decided to take and save for later use. Remmar also had notions to make the Giant his Cohort but decided against it later.

Session 8 (GM)

Mission Report: After some rest and recuperation, our party set off onwards into the caverns, exploring it all before we left. There wasn’t much to find since we had went through most of the pass already. After finishing up we headed through the dried up exit into Dragon-Kin lands, which to our surprise had a lacking of dragons on the mainland.
The group headed to Stobran to pick up new gear and gather a lay of the land, though since they were foreigners they had no idea that Stobran was a flying city, thankfully Cyrus had obtained a flying pet in the Atrios Passageway so that we had a means to fly up to the city. After a day’s rest and equipment run the party decided to act on the local rumour that a Official by the name of Astarot needed assistance.
Astarot petitioned us to clear out a drug den in the “slums” of Stobran, which Rhovandir questioned why slums were allowed to exist in the city and that nothing was done to help. Feeling a sense of being watched the party left with harsh words given to Rhovandir about bringing concealed weapons into his office.
Heading into the drug den the party was able to almost completely knock out the bandits and drug sellers, only killing 2 of them in the process. Confiscating drugs, handing over the unconscious evil-doers and healing up, the part headed back to the Official to get paid. After that ordeal we decided it was best to head back to the inn, rest up and recuperate from the exhaust that was the drug dens.
On a side note we had also come into the knowledge of a Colosseum being held in the Human Capital of Stretton, with a reward of 20,000 gold pieces and criminal record cleansing. Due to it being a prisoner special event the party was a bit wary, but since they were being hounded by the guards of Tahkoniemi they thought they could do with a clean slate later down the line.
Breached into the Dragon-Kin Lands
Met up with Official Astarot
Cleared out a drug den and got paid handsomely
Learnt about a Coliseum up in Stretton, 20k gold, crime cleanse.

There were some marching Dragonborn in the night that left the city, Vibi tailed them for a bit but decided not to continue it much further when they flew out of the city through the Fly Harbour.

Session 7 (GM)

Mission Report: The party stood over the corpses of the now dead Tyrling Tsir, as well as our companions Faurgor and Remmar. After some plan formulating we decided the best option was to head to Stobran and revive our fallen friends, however just as we set off I noticed a statue paying homage to the God Snake Sasori of the Order of The Holy Snake. I suggested we could go there and talk to the priests about their revival services.
Upon our arrival the party was kinda put off by the naked followers, but they went ahead and got the fallen comrades revived. I paid a lot towards their revival which I aim to make back at some point. The ceremony involved the larger snake devouring a gemstone and the body of the deceased, then after a half hour regurgitating the body of the newly revived and slimey person.
From the holy Snake statue we made our way to the Accrios Passage, from the notes we found we surmised it to be used for transporting some sort of goods, the gems lead me to believe a gem mining operation. Due to the falling river the miners had to close up shop, but it seemed to have been too late as their mine was full of skeletons and the signs of battle.
Searching through the mines we found a lot of gold, gems, vials of liquids and parchments. We rested halfway through our trek due to Cyrus losing his Wolf companion, replacing him with a Dire Bat called Attila. During our 24 hour rest we were greeted by a Snake creature that slithered up, and waiting while Remmar burnt a ladder to block it. The “Naga” delivered a letter to the party, saying it was meant for the half-elf. Reading: “To those who left me in the ocean, I will return”.
From the rest we continued our search, finding more items and enemies to fight. We ended our trek just after defeating a Fire Elemental that Remmar sprung to life by bashing in a door.
Revived Faurgor and Remmar
Entered Accrios Passage and cleared a majority of it out.
Cyrus got a new Companion as Attila the Bat



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