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Session 38 (Stu)

Session Recap: As told by Carric
After going over some city planning with Vibi, the rest of the Party left for Stretton while I stayed behind to oversee Sababurn. They were to give Clarissa the body of one Crystal Golem in payment for our part in the attack on the city by Samael. I expected them to do a bit of trading while they were there so I didn’t expect them back right away. I hope that due to our consistent trade with
Reagandas that we might be building a rapport with the mage.
A few days, full of administrative work, passed when I summoned to the Eastern Gate. The young woman claimed to be a friend of the Town Leaders. She introduced herself as Elizabeth and requested an audience with Nathan. She requested our help in retrieving her father from his Captors in Carnarvon. Elizabeth claimed that her tribe had been attacked during the night by the humans in the Neutral Lands. She claimed that her people would join the side of Sababurn should we take up arms in the war. I told her we’d have to wait until Vibi & Achlys returned to vouch for her, but we’d likely take the job. When she left towards the stables for a “snack” I followed her, and spent a good while chatting up the Stable Master outside so as to avoid a scene and any further town panic.
Upon the Party’s return the work Vibi & Achlys were both ecstatic at the news of Elizabeth’s visit. We talked it over and decided we’d officially take the job. It turned out that Elizabeth was an acquaintance of Reagandas and that he’d be our primary ally for infiltrating the complex in which her father was kept. The flight back to Stretton was uneventful. Our meeting with Reagandas enlightened us on more than the mission itself, as we discovered that Clarissa had the entire city under magical surveillance. Reagandas brought us into a plane of his own making just so that we could speak plainly. He gave us a cover identities along with complete disguises and a designated time for which we had to begin the mission. We were made aware of the ani-magic traps set up throughout the complex so we spent time bartering for the necessary equipment.
We returned to the ship for a proper night’s rest…and nothing else.

The Party goes over some city planning
Most of the Party journey’s to Stretton to settle a debt with Clarissa
Carric runs the town in their absence and visited by Elizabeth
The Party decides to take the job offered by Elizabeth
We all return to Stretton and met with Reagandas
Did a bunch of shopping then returned to the Ship


Lots of bartering and story progression. We were just too scared to Combat while Jii & Samurai were away. :P

Session 37 (Stu)

Session Recap: As Told By Carric
After finding a seller of Dykal and a bit of ego soothing the ship was ready to depart. From Untterndin we flew to Sababurn to check on it’s status. There was a bit of debate, during the flight, as to what our next move would be after the stop at Sababurn. When we met with the Spy Master, Nathan, the group was informed that ‘Annabel’ had been summoned by a relative up North. Before leaving she had witnessed a battle in the Town Hall. Upon our inspection we found the place littered with mutilated dead bodies of guardsmen and elfkin. Written in their blood was the phrase “He only had one.” This led Faugor and Dale to believe it was the work of the man who had slayed Rhovandir. While he may have been a simpleton, to imagine that my dear cousin had come to a similar end brought great pain to my heart. One day I will meet the monster who committed these atrocities and make him answer for his crimes. He was last seen traveling North.
I met with the Cleric of the Sasori temple in order to arrange for the bodies to be properly desposed. Shortly thereafter Edesia shouted about a disturbance at the gate. We all approached while Edesia continued to shout about bandits or something. Everything seemed fine. As the guards tried to do their job the driver of this wagon, Edesia was yelling about, claimed he had a gift for the leaders of the city. A cloaked man that walked beside the wagon offered Vibi a blue rose of friendship and romance, however she not so eloquently declined.
A heavily armored Sandwolf stepped out of the wagon, and the man with the blue rose tossed away his cloak revealing himself to be identical to the statue over the grave in front of the Blue Raven. He began to play music of a powerfully magical nature. We focused our attacks on the musician. After a crippling blow from the transformed Sandwolf, we performed a tactical retreat while continuing to put pressure on him. Dale was felled by the creature before we could bring it down.
The aftermath left everyone busy with their individual tasks. I spent my time performing Bahamut’s Final Rights over the dead body of Dale. With the construction given the go ahead by Vibi and Faugor, I organized the construction of his stone grave. Edesia made a friend of an animated shield from the defeated Sandwolf. It was rather obnoxious.
Vibi initiated me in as a Councilor for the city with my intent being made clear that I’d like to stay behind for now and help with the reconstruction. I have my work cut out for me, but my people need me to persevere.

Party acquires fuel for the Airship
Meeting with Nathan informs us of events that had happened while we were gone
Massacre discovered within the town hall
The Party defends against the assault of Remmar & Adrian
Dale goes to the dragon afterlife
The Party takes the day off and some of us mourn Dale’s death


Farewell Dale you brought your fair share of joy, laughter, and grief to the party. You will be missed!

Samurai we look forward to meeting your new character!

Edesia, I do hope that you get your shield to start talking again. :P

Session 36 (Samurai)

Session Recap: After dealing with the Cyrstal Golems and paying respects to Achlys dead body (By tossing it like a Frisbee with Edesia :P), we learned that the door was shut and won’t open. Having a good look, we figured by putting the flames out, it’ll open, kinda like how creating fire opened it from the other side. While doing so, some constructs called “Protectors” fell from the ceiling and started attacking us. Acting out of self-defense, we defeated them, and took their cores out. After that, we get the door open and Edesia and I start hauling the gear, encountering some crystal grimes along the way. The last encounter ends up getting Vibiana and Ruby killed, in which Dale and Carric avenged them (By dealing MASSIVE damage). Upon getting out, we made a dirt mound to cover our loot while Edesia and I took the bodies of Achlys, Vibi and Ruby to the nearest city to revive them. Along the way, we encountered a relative of Adrian’s, whom we had to sweet talk in order to pass by. Sadly, he took the cores and now we have useless Protectors. We also meet up with Elizabeth, who we’re lucky to see that she was around, otherwise we’d been dinner for the wolves. After getting to the town and paying the price to revive them, the Snek preacher choked on puking Achlys. I wanted to help get her out, but the snek grew a pair of balls and finally coughed her out, although Achlys looked different. (“Ya did something with her hair?”) ANYWHOS, after getting a lot of booze, we make it back to the ship, where we rest up and call in a meeting hosted by, yours truly. After discussing a bit about how Vibi didn’t get any Carminian soldiers over here, we decided on a plan to get fuel, drop off the crystal golems, and track down the dragon council. That’s when I finally just threw it down and told them how I felt at the moment, and that we have to be careful on how one day we’d may not be able to come back. After the meeting finished, we headed to Wurken for fuel, but after sweet talking the merchant too much, he told me to fuck off and closed up shop. Well shit, we’ll get fuel somewhere else, you dingus.
Robots came and attacked
Dragging shit, Vibi and Ruby die in the process
Lulz in a cave
Edesia and Dale travel to get dead pals alive again
Had run in with NPCs (Adrian’s borther, or father, whatever; and Elizabeth) No fight happened, which is good thing. Though Adrian’s relative took the cores.
Got comrades back alive
Achlys has blue hair
Went to go buy alcohol. Dale gets the good shit that can kill Vibi if she drank it.
Went to buy fuel, but Dale’s sweet talking got us none. :/
We all decided to be fucking creepers after this game and learn our real names.

Session 35 (Jack)

Session Recap:
As the party continues to move forward in the crystal cave, Vibi has told the party she ran out of booze on the airship and decided to join back up with them again, huzzah! The party follows Achlys in order to avoid most of the traps and during their venture they find a few chests… but many Crystal Grimes. Achlys also understood that if she hears a click from disabling a trap, it is not always a good thing. Ouch. Venturing further into the cave Carric came up with an idea, give the crystal that gave light to the person at the front of the party (Good one Carric). So Carric hands over the crystal to Achlys. While Achlys was admiring her new crystal the party notice Edesia went missing, Achlys and Dale were quick to respond and rushed off to find Edesia! Achlys runs round a corner to find Edesia covered in acid (Oi oi ;D) and walks over her dying body to see if there were any Crystal Grimes hanging about, which from what she could see there were none. Achlys touches up Edesia to attempt to bring her up, apparently Edesia doesn’t prefer to be touched up and just accepted a healing charge from Dale. While Edesia is trying to roll back onto her feet two Crystal Grimes fall from the ceiling (what a surprise). The rest of the party catches up when the battle ends, they see Edesia covered in acid while trying to keep her balance and Dale is standing next to her (you get the idea). Achlys crystal has constantly been falling out her pocket, they seemed like such a wonderful team. The crystal was named Wilson from that point onward and Achlys became attached to Wilson like it were her own pet, do you think she has any friends? The party takes their time to regain their strength and grab some shut eye, during their sleep something was going on. As they woke up and went down stairs a huge group of Crystal Grimes ambushed the party (once again, what a surprise!). During this battle Achlys noticed something, Wilson was gone! She left him on the ground a few feet away, she somehow magically teleported him into her pocket again. The god was not pleased with this, so she lost he rights to Wilson. The god after hearing Achlys moan and moan about it was able to have Wilson back.

As the party continues down the cave a little while long Achlys notices another trap, which clicked. She didn’t trust this so Edesia threw the great axe she found on top of the trap, no response. Achlys then goes onto say it might need more pressure… from Edesia… Achlys then ended up face down on the trap and got impaled (“Screw you Edesia”, Achlys thought). Furthermore into the cave Achlys finds another spike trap and mentions it to the party of where it is, few minutes later Ruby completely ignores the warning and walks over it anyway (This party has plenty of brains). Into another part of the cave, Achlys finds another chest, however this was in a fairly large room. She mentions to the party to get into a suitable location, once she opens the chest the party heard a great big scream! Achlys told everyone to divert their eyes from her and only attack the monster (However she is convinced everyone saw her Hello Kitty underware). Once the party slays the monster, Achlys went silent and walked off. Approaching another section of the cave the party encounters a lever, it is connected to a door mechanism (I wonder which door, possibly the only door mentioned that we found). Continuing through the cave Achlys noticed that Wilson’s light had dimmed out, Wilson then also dragged Achlys into the matrix. Once Achlys escaped the matrix Wilson was lost. Carric names his dancing flame Wilson and allows it to follow Achlys, the party splits up and Achlys finds the door. Carric somehow got transported to the door through the Maxtrix, but once again. Wilson was lost, along with the rest of the party. Achlys finds Wilson and has him follow Achlys back to the door, surprising a good listener he is. Once the party passes through the door then are met with another door which was easily solved and then they were met with a huge crystal. As they party are examining the crystal Achlys was thinking in her own mind. Achlys Mind – Crystal, Bright, Crystal, Squishy, my Squishy, must touch Squishy, with… WITH DAGGER. While the party is discussing how to deal with the crystal Achlys then suddenly strikes the Crystal with her dagger. Big Mistake.

Vibi ran out of booze.
Edesia doesn’t liked to be called fat.
Ruby forgets things very quickly.
Achlys has a fetish for crystals.
Achlys has cute underware.

Follow Wilson, a sitcom about a happy family man who gets into some wacky situations.
Starring: Achlys the Mistress and Carric the Fuckboi.

Session 34 (Fish)

Session Recap:
After Dale taking a considerable long time to decide whether or not to speak to the boat masters the group was at a halt so carric went over the group’s objectives with main focus being on the crystal golems and smiling with the thought of a 1 life enemy fight. With dale finally getting the courage to speak to a boat captain at first he lies which gets him nowhere but as soon as he mentions a dragon the captain knew exactly what he was talking about as other soulful people have requested the same. On the boat they found some other elves and orcs who have ran from their masters down at the small-kin lands who are trying to get back to the Tirska due to war making their life even harder.
The captain of the ships then shoots something in the air which releases a spell which forms into a dragon’s head, a small time later a dragon by the name of Draniris The Soulless comes flying out of the sea and lands in front of the party. And with that a few spoken words Dale happily gives his soul over and he is told that a change will happen within a week. (This doesn’t seem too good, we all know that something bad will happen sooner or later but dale doesn’t seem to notice anything).
Back to the airship, and back to the dragons crossing. with papers in have the group have no trouble getting by. Once at Wurken the party head to the Guild house. They was looking for the body of Astarot’s body however they was told the body got taken up north by people who are believed to be part of the dragons council as well as a golden dragon being spotted flying of the continent or possibly other enchanted islands. They are told by the guild master to go the everra to speak to a fisherman who might have more information.
After getting to Everra and speaking with lason they are told that the dragon has gone to the scattered islands the party then decides to go back on them self to the crystal cavern (which edesea started was the better idea so skipped back to the airship with a smug look on her face)
On arrival the caved seemed to be quiet and filled crystalys which only a minor could make some money of. The quiet was broken with the sudden appearance of a painful spike trap which causes the group to go on with caution which again was broken by the sudden appearance of Crystal Grime which spey some type of acid which Achlys managed to sidestep. With the first 2 dead of many to come Edesia spots some black crystals amongst the leftover slime. On closer inspection carric realises that these grime eat the nourishment in the crystal.

Dale looked at a boat for a very long time. Crazy DragonBorn
Sold his soul to the dev…. evil dragon.
Found out that a gold dragon took the body of asterot to some far of island.

Dale is now a boat enthusiast.
Spikes hurt… a lot.
Grimes hurt…. a lot.
Faurgor not wanting to smash down a wall however lends his weapon to Edesia to do it anyway.

Session 33 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
Barely managing to flee the scene towards Stretton, we didn’t get far however when the snake quickly caught up with us and called forth a thunderstorm to darken the already dark skies. It resurrected Adaranth and summoned a handful of lizardfolk to his aid causing a battle to ensue, but Carric and I held our own against them. We also found a connection between Adaranth and the snake, as when we managed to down him twice, both times the snake recoiled and was left slightly behind, finally staying that way when Adaranth went down seemingly for good. As we approached Stretton with the snake still tailing us, we spotted and Vibiana narrowly dodged two fireballs heading right towards us, causing them to hit the snake instead. It launched an attack of its own, but the city seemed to be well protected as a magical barrier took the hit in the town’s stead. Shortly after, another portal appeared and the snake entered it, giving up the chase.
No longer chased, we thought of going back to retrieve Edesia who had run off on her own, but with our time limit and the ship being in urgent need of repairs we decided to head for Stretton first and try to reach her through other methods from there. Once we arrived we got quite a cold response, the officials did not seem pleased we had almost lead an evil deity right to them and forced them to exhaust their shields. To compensate, we agreed we would collect materials they needed to renew them, as they were to be found from the neutral lands where we were headed anyway.
The next couple of days went by as we waited for the ship to be ready for travel again, and during that time we found out about our next objective, which was to retrieve a crystal golem. We also reported back to Laeban, who took Adaranth’s body and exploded amulet off of our hands and gave us our reward, a permit to travel across any borders. With the city’s mage’s help we managed to retrieve Edesia to us as well. What other items we had found on Adaranth we either traded in for better gear to aid our upcoming task or repurposed to our own use, and then we were on our way once again.
Instead of heading straight for the neutral lands, however, Dale wished to make a stop at Irlenborn – he seemed to want to traverse to the sea, as he believed he would find what he’s looking for from there. Not wanting to leave anyone behind and our current objective not really having a time limit we agreed to help him and made the port city our next stop.


Getting chased by a giant snake deity
Killed Adaranth again and escaped mentioned snake deity
Getting to Stretton to find people upset and scared (understandably so)
Dale bad-mouthing the wrong person and finding himself in prison. Again.
Enlisting the mage to teleport Edesia back to us
Leaving Adaranth’s body and necklace with Laeban
Shopping spree
Making a stop at Irlenborn to aid in Dale’s quest

Session 32 (Samurai)

Session Recap: After learning that Adaranth was being mind controlled, and that the lizardfolk that were with him were in fact zealots of Samael, the party had to throw the initial plan of stealth away since Achlys decided to be a lazy dicknugget. (Jack was actually absent from the game, but whatever) So, we came up with a plan be and an escape plan should all hell break loose. Once we started with the plan, which was to kill the lizardfolk and take off with an unconscious Adaranth, the party members took out their respective targets, With Dale going after Adaranth since he was the only one good with unarmed strikes. As Adaranth turns around after getting punched in the back of the head and delivers a good slice and dice to Dale, Dale decided to bite back with a good punch to the nose, all while the others were dealing with the lizardfolk with ease. After a while, Dale and Edesia switched roles, now with Edesia whacking on Adaranth. When we knocked him out, the lizardfolk soon pulled an odd trick from the hat: throwing a bunch of cure wounds potions at adaranth’s knocked out ass. Though Edesia and Dale managed to heal off some by catching them, Adaranth was soon brought back to full health, and the ass kicking ensured even more. Edesia then went into bear form, with Carric using a scroll to enlarge her, to beat up Adaranth even more until we knocked him down to the ground again, which lead to the lizardfolk throwing even more potions. (How many do they even have?!) After all that shenanigans, Carric decided to use a few rays of enfeeblent on Adaranth, draining his strength away as we go for round 3.
Realizing that he couldn’t really do much, Adaranth then cut his own tongue out and committed suicide by jabbing his simitar into his throat. At the same time, the remaining lizardfolk committed suicide by either jumping off the cliff or by committing Seppuku. As we thught that Adaranth would come back to life, something unexpected happened again. A portal then opened up, and from it, Manaem Samael appeared, the eldest of the brothers. As Carric though he can take him on, Manaem almosts downs him and dealt some significant damage to Edesia in bear form. Soon realizing that Manaem is too strong for us, Carric shot the Flare up to signal Vibi for a hasty Evac, all while Manaem expanded the portal to summon a colossal sized snake. With Dale and Carric providing security for the Evac point off the cliff, and with Faurgor draggin Adaranth’s body, Edesia soon ran off into the woods from the confusion, much to the party’s dismay. Luckliy, Vibi swoops in for the pinnacle landing just in time, as our heroes jump in and get set to take off to Stretton. But, just as we’re about to leave, the Giant Snake soon coils out of the portal. We’re in for some deep shit now.
We decide to attack the lizardfolk and knock out Adaranth
Adaranth gets KO’d, lizardfolk throw healing potions
We knock him out again, lizardfolk throw more potions
Carric drains at Adaranth’s Strength, Adaranth krills himslef
Manaem swoops in (Suh Dude), is powered by nanomachines, son!
Airship Pinnacle Landing, quick evac outta there with Adaranth’s body, but Edesai runs into the woods
Hopefully, we won’t be interrupted by another fucking formation thanks to some shitbag going UA. I honestly felt awkward having to tell y’all that I had to go do that.

Session 31 (Fish)

Session Recap:

Starting with achlys breaking the news of dales arrest the party deem it important to release him.
With carric collect 1000 from each party member he went to the prison to be told that they must wait for the paperwork to be filed. So whilst waiting carric decided to improve the party’s moral by getting food and drink. However on the way back to the ship ‘alone as his good ‘friend’ Achyls left him’ he was ambushed by 4 men with the timely breaks of the guards he was left to fend for himself. After a few hits and fiery hands he know he needed help. With a bit of magic he managed to get a message to achlys who ran to his help. Slicing them all but one down they hed back to the ship for food and drink. The next day the party decided to travel together to the prison and was told dales cost of release was 13300 gold. So with the money he had before and a bit more of Faurgors Carric paid for the release. With dale back the group went to get the gems from the library sold however before they got ripped of again faurgor said they are worth 10000 each and as no one in stobran has that money they are told to go to the human lands. Which coincidentally a guard told them to find laybon as he could also grant them passage through the dragon’s crossing. And of they went. 4 days of flying they managed to get there without any issues.
First point of call was to get money for the gems and with the sweat talking of carric to an old lady at a jewlers they managed to get 19000 for the 2 gems they had left. Edisea asked for more than her share which the party agreed to which allowed her to enchant the blade she received from total library . Now for the main point of call to gain passage. Speaking the laybon they are told only those who are truest can pass so they got assigned the task of disbanding a group of rebel who are set up near Penshurst However the task must be done before before the army move out which was 12 days. Leaving for this the party decided that diplomacy would be best for everyone as the group suspected that elves are at this encampment. But oohh boy was they wrong, arriving there to see lizard folks and an old ‘friend’ of the group (well only faugour and dale). Apart from a lizard licking his lips over the sight of achlyes there was no hostilities to the party so straight the the leader anaranth. He seemed to be acting different than before and also had a strange mark on his forehead which faurgor said that the only times he has seen it was through mind control and was scared that someone strong enough to do this to anaranth is a major threat to all. So instead of doing the norm for the party they decided to discuss the best course of action and decided to get information (after letting slip some which they shouldn’t have). Learning that the faulks here are followers of sameal the evil snake god the party know that diplomacy wouldn’t work and decided to wait till night before making any type of action as they are massively outnumbered.

group (mainly carric) emptying there pockets to set free the dragonborn.
achlys gave carric a make over.
Carric again using his carm to win the love (and money) of a shopkeep
party actully trying to talk instead of fight, but it looks like that isnt an option the one time they wanna do it.

Achlys needs to watch her man Carric more or she will lose him to anouther

Session 30 (Jack)

Session Recap:
When the sessions start the characters reach out to Nathan to see if they can gather any information on the whereabouts of the bandits that took Edesia’s sword. With Nathan being little help the party moves onwards to speak with Edmund at the pub to ask the same questions. Edmund says that he did recognise the people that Carric described and that they headed west. The party restocks on supplies and then Edesia and Achlys sit down to have a glass of the finest wine. Carric also joins. Achlys notices a girl come down the stairs and orders the same drink, the party besides Dale walk over to this girl and have a chat, and her name is Elizabeth. The party takes a room for the night, yet Carric finds Achlys on his floor. IN the morning the party heads out on the airship to travel to the land of the dragonborns, Dale requests a meeting with Ralf Berserk to discuss why the trading has stopped between them and Sababurn. During the meeting Ralf explains that he will not be helping the party until the party helps him find a small party who attacked his men and until they are found there shall be no trading between them. The party travels to Dursta to see if they can find any more information regarding Edesia’s weapon. Not much luck. Edesia, Achlys and Dale chat on the airship to find out what they should do next, Dale confesses that he was the one who killed the dragon born guards that Ralf is looking for. Dale scurries off to his room to “sleep” (hide). Edesia waddles off to see Ungarra to see if he can train Ungarra to see Edesia as his new master, however it will take a long time. Achlys kindly asked Edesia to smash down Dale’s door so they can speak to Dale about confessing for his sins. Edesia kindly, SHOUTS, to Achlys reminding her that she can open locks. Well done Achlys. The party was just about to head off to the Dragon Kin land but Achlys noticed she looked a little on the skinny side, 18 days too skinny. Once she finishes eating, then, the party headed off. Once they enter the castle they noticed Axl Pheonix was in the middle of leaving the castle after having a meeting with the Ralf, he mentioned to the party that he was leaving to do another hero’s quest.

Achlys and Dale finally have their meeting with Ralf and Dale admits he was the one who killed Ralf’s men. Dale was taken into custody by the Dragonborn Guards while Achlys was leaving the castle.

Party looks for Edesia’s sword with no leads
Carric is a ladies man
Elizabeth was found in Sababurn and was last seen heading west.
Achlys remembers she can open locks
Axl Pheonix has taken another hero’s quest
Dale was taken into custody.

Session 29 (JiiBee)

Session Recap:
The morning came after a restless night, and before we had a proper chance to decide how to proceed, Vibiana appeared with the airship. After introductions and recaps on both sides we decided our next destination to be Wurken, as that was where Mork’Amar wished to go and that was where Vibiana had taken Astarot’s remains, giving us hope he would be alright. Vibiana also had with her a book, which she thought might be a key to get inside the Totil library.
On our way we passed a strange building, deducing this was likely the elusive library and decided to explore it further while we had the chance. Inside we found a vast collection of books in a seemingly haphazard order, some of which were unfinished with the titles lacking letters and even words and the sentences insides incomplete.
We took our time exploring the place, even finding a staircase leading down, but once traversed we couldn’t see a way back up. Downstairs was a room signed as “New deliveries”, which was large and empty safe for a blank book with a pen and an inkwell on a stone pedestal. After examining it Carric found some writing from the first page, “Child’s name:”, “Child’s genre:” and “Date of Birth”. He filled in his own information, which caused the book to change slightly, now holding his name as its title and the current date as when it was created. Believing this was what he was looking for he took the book with him and we continued down, unsure where else to go.
Further down we found the first living being besides us in the place – a beholder, asleep. Despite having his nap disturbed, he was very chatty and polite and told us about the library as well as a way to get back upstairs. Once back and after a suggestion from Beholder Professor, as he called himself, we decided to take a closer look at some chess tables, Carric interested in a challenge and Edesia curious to learn about the game. We found three laid out challenges, which we instantly set out to tackle. Seemingly simple at first, it took quite some time to get through them all, however we managed to do so in the end.
We returned to the main library, though as Carric found himself unable to check out his book we met a new individual, who seemed to be a caretaker of the library and introduced himself as Furnass. From him we learned that the numbers referred to the books’ ages, and some of the books were incomplete because they were still ‘young’ and thus not available for adoption. With this we resumed our investigation among the ‘matured’ books, each now finding something interesting enough to sign out with. As we were doing so, however, we were reminded of another puzzle in this place. Putting our heads together and hearing the two denizens talk about it we discovered the moving bookshelves, and, with the begrudging permission from Furnass, set out to finish the riddle. After some… renovating, we were rewarded with a hidden book called The Traveller’s Compendium. The book enhanced our abilities quite a bit, however we realized we didn’t know how to take it with us, as we all had already checked out a book each. Accepting it as it was, we decided we had caused enough of a ruckus and, after attempting to clear our mess to some extent at least, we took our leave to continue on our way.
We heard of the Dragon’s Crossing being closed because of the war, but opted to try and see it for ourselves first – unfortunately the word was true, and we were denied passage to the Neutral Lands without proper permit from Stobran. Deciding to go through the procedure the proper way we chose that as our next destination, making a stop first in Unterndin to sell what we had gathered and investigate our new gear, and a second one in Sababurn to recuperate and get ready for what we might encounter in Stobran.

Vibiana rejoins with the party
Party start heading towards Wurken
A building suspected to be the Totil library on the way
Investigate the library
Books, puzzles, relics, weird staircases and eccentric librarians
Dragon’s Crossing is closed
Selling loot and identifying new gear in Undertin
Back to Sababurn before heading to Stobran to get the permit to go through the border to get to Wurken

For once we didn’t rashly destroy something or fuck anything up and NOBODY DIED (almost OR otherwise) : D
Also not all Beholders are evil.


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