Vibiana Ragnfríðr


A Human Ranger and Rogue with expertise in guns and airships – Aged 15

Level 12 Ranger / Level 1 Rogue

Her Cohort is Ruby, another Human – Aged 15

Level 10 Cleric / Level 1 Fighter


Self – Vibiana Ragnfríðr
Mother – Elanor Calmway
Father – Captain Archer Ragnfríðr
Grandfather (Father’s Side) – General Albert Ragnfríðr
Grandfather (Mother’s Side) – Cid Calmway
Uncles (Father’s Side) - Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Vibiana Ragnfríðr is the daughter of Captain Archer Ragnfríðr of the Carmenian army.
Her mother, Elanor Calmway was well known across Carmenia for her beauty and elegance which emanated off her, people were said to have been dazzled by her mere presence, that her eyes shined with life and her smile was captivating, that she was always humble, kind and gentle to those around her and never spoke once with malice. Sadly she passed during childbirth and ever since, Vibi’s father has raised her to be a strong military woman with the help of his brothers and father.
Despite being too young to actually join the military, her father paid for all her combat training and education privately and has on several occasions taken her to top military schools for “weekend adventures”. He has also been known to include her in military exercises and there have been rumours from soldiers who say they’ve seen her on the battlefield, even one instance where Captain Ragnfríðr was investigated for using his daughter in an infiltration mission. This was quickly dismissed when General Albert Ragnfríðr her grandfather convinced military leaders it was baseless hearsay.
Her relationship with General Ragnfríðr is more akin to a typical relationship a grandfather and granddaughter might normally have. However he can be a little larger than life and often forgets she is a normal little girl, to the point where on her 10th birthday his present to her was an experimental triple headed cannon, it broke down a few hours later when the two of them took it to hunt rabbits in the forest. She also has three identical triplet uncles Huey, Dewey, and Louie on her dads side whom she rarely sees due to their deployment and isn’t as close to them as she’d like.

Her only other living relative is her mother’s father, Cid Calmway. Once a well renowned scientist and engineer for his pioneering technological and toxicological advancements in military weapons, he now spends most of his time in his small house in the capital city working on all kinds of bits, bobs and contraptions. After developing the concept for a devastating weapon of mass destruction he was quickly retired from work and given a state pension and house to keep him occupied and out of political affairs.
It was shortly after this that Elanor gave birth to Vibi, Elanor suffered complications during the birth and passed away before she could even hold Vibi in her arms. Vibi’s first 6 months of life were spent in an incubation type contraption Cid had built 3 months before her birth after being given a “Vision from Brigh” on how to build it and use it to save children’s lives. With Elanor’s death and Vibi fighting for her tiny life, Cid seeps in a deep depression cursing Brigh saying, “If she knew this was going to happen why didn’t she give me the knowledge to help both Elanor and Vibi instead barely saving one.”
Not much is known about what he did for the 3 years he spent locked away in his house but they knew he only answered the door for deliveries. Unbeknownst to the people outside, Cid had been tirelessly trying to create an artificially intelligent construct in the exact likeness of Elanor. On Vibi’s 3rd birthday he emerged from his house accompanied by a walking doll, he walked the doll through the streets of Carmenia to Archer’s house where Vibi’s party was being held drawing quite a bit of attention. Cid had no problems taking the doll to the grand hall but was met with looks and gasps from the guards, he walked in calling out to Archer “I’ve done it, I’ve done it Archer, I’ve brought her back. I’ve brought her back for Vibi!” The guests, Archer and Albert are shocked, horrified and sickened by what they saw. The metallic shimmering doll emanated with the same beauty as Elanor’s, it was like looking at a living statue of Elanor herself but her eyes showed no signs of life and her smile was permanent.
Since this, Cid has repented for cursing Brigh and realised that technology can’t fix everything and is grateful to Brigh for saving Vibi’s life and providing him the knowledge that allowed him to create the Elanor Doll, though he’s not sure if it’s alive or not Vibi loves it regardless and that makes him happy. He misses his daughter but seeing Vibi and Elanor Doll together he can’t help but think Elanor is happy with the outcome and is watching over them. He is often referred to as the mad scientist of the Carmenia Capital. Vibiana spends most of her free time at Cid’s house, she loves seeing the things he creates and loves hearing the tales he tells of different worlds through theorem and educational guesses. If she’s not with her father training or studying then she’s with Cid Calmway listening to his stories or playing with his dangerous toys or practicing her marksmanship in his backyard.

To Vibi, Elanor Doll has always been a guardian angel who has been her nanny, maid, bodyguard and best friend for as long as she has known. Vibi knows that Elanor Doll looks exactly like her mother and loves the fact that even though she never got to meet her mother she always gets to see her mother’s smile looking over her. From early on she recognised that her relatives were always uncomfortable around Elanor Doll and started calling her Elly and treated her more as a servant when they were around to make it less uncomfortable for them but would instantly throw her a hug the second they were alone and play games and study. Elly doesn’t really speak much and no one is quite sure if Cid actually created her as an artificial intelligence or just a mindless machine, regardless they all know Vibi loves her and no one can bring themselves to separate the two.

Vibiana has been raised in a noble family and as such has attended the best etiquette schools in Carmenia, and has been asked to leave every one of them. Being raised in a strong military family of a high stature and her mother’s beauty being well know means that the other girls at the schools would see her as a challenge and would often make noble quips that are aimed at insulting her pride, but rather than quip back, she prefers to trip her opponents and attack while their prone. She may not be well taught in hand to hand combat but even she has little trouble swiftly putting proud girls on their rear end.
Except for the last school she attended where the strict head mistress refused to give up and always said “The pride of this school is that we can turn any young girl into an elegant young lady and you will be no exception!” There was another student at this school who was in a similar situation, a young girl named Genevieve raised in a military family, but rather than getting along they quickly became hated enemies. Where Vibi always failed to fit in with the latest fashion trends wearing “out of season clothes” or refused to comply with the etiquette training, Genevieve Passed with flying colours wearing nothing but the latest and being the “perfect young lady”. Genevieve would always remark that a well-trained soldier can do anything that’s asked of them, Vibi would reply that being able to wear fancy cloths and eating properly at a fancy table is useless to a soldier if they can’t defend themselves in battle.
A fight would always break out between these two but a winner was never decided, they were both equally talented with their fists, weapons and even firearms. It was the fight at the schools chairman’s dinner that broke the straw on the camel’s back. Vibiana’s most hated situation is a fancy diner ball. The gowns, no weapons, everyone pretending to be nice to curry favours. Sitting still eating all the pretentious food. When Genevieve made a remark about Vibi not being able tell the difference between a dessert spoon and a soup spoon. All hell broke loose. The event went down in history as monumental disaster and both girls were expelled from the school. They have never seen each other since.

Vibiana worships Brigh, the goddess of invention. Vibi has heard all of the stories about Brigh from her grandfather, Cid Calmway, who has believed in Brigh since he was a young boy himself and follows her teachings. He believes that his great intelligence is a gift from Brigh and tells Vibi that by worshipping Brigh and following her teachings she will in turn bless Vibi with great intelligence. However despite her undying believe in Brigh, Vibi is not as intelligent as she would like to be. She blames this on her father for taking up her time with military business, she does not however resent him as without the training she wouldn’t be as capable as she is.

She’s now 15 and bored of school and etiquette training, and with her skills and weapons going to waste in the capital, she leaves Elly behind and convinces her father to let her go out and explore the world outside the city and outside of Carmenia, before returning to Carmenia at 18 to finally be recruited into the only the place she’s ever known as home. The Carmenian military.

Nobody is quite sure when she started drinking, but family members are neither shocked nor question her drinking habits

Vibiana Ragnfríðr

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