Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session Log 52 - (Jack)

Session Recap:

The party made their way back to Sababurn after just completing their final tower and each obtaining an item with a gem shoved in it. Yet no one knows what their gems do. As the party returns they seemed it time to start planning on how to deal with the meteor to then somehow lure Clerisa Dire into a trap led by the party. I wonder how this’ll turn it. Dyfros summoned a fairly large dragon to help deal with the meteor. However, with each dragon there is a price that comes with it. This one wanted to feast on some tasty souls. So the party thought why not offer up Clerisa’s soul, sounds fair right? The dragon agrees to the terms and destroys the Meteor as Regindas puts up a shield to defend the town from any debris. As the meteor broke, an human army suddenly appeared that was obviously sent here to kill the party. No sign of Clerisa though. As the party took down a large portion of the army Clerisa suddenly appeared, and Vibi decides to have a go at shooting her. Takes her down in instantly. She didn’t stand a chance to even attack. She couldn’t even open her mouth. Some of the party were a little disappointed at how fast she died after the last time she appeared, oh well. Carric went over to put an anti-magic field over the unconscious body for Clerisa, yet Achlys still felt the need to slit open her throat and then move so the dragon could take her soul, just to be sure she was dead. Think she might be dead now, hopefully.
After the battle had ended the party took in some survivors as prisoners to later ask those questions, either that or the party enjoys leaving people in jail; and completely forget that they are in there.

Dyfros can summon dragons
Black Dragon like souls
Party offers something they yet to have
Vibi.. is apparently overpowered as she can 1 hit Clerisa
Clerisa is weak




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