Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session 7 (GM)

Mission Report: The party stood over the corpses of the now dead Tyrling Tsir, as well as our companions Faurgor and Remmar. After some plan formulating we decided the best option was to head to Stobran and revive our fallen friends, however just as we set off I noticed a statue paying homage to the God Snake Sasori of the Order of The Holy Snake. I suggested we could go there and talk to the priests about their revival services.
Upon our arrival the party was kinda put off by the naked followers, but they went ahead and got the fallen comrades revived. I paid a lot towards their revival which I aim to make back at some point. The ceremony involved the larger snake devouring a gemstone and the body of the deceased, then after a half hour regurgitating the body of the newly revived and slimey person.
From the holy Snake statue we made our way to the Accrios Passage, from the notes we found we surmised it to be used for transporting some sort of goods, the gems lead me to believe a gem mining operation. Due to the falling river the miners had to close up shop, but it seemed to have been too late as their mine was full of skeletons and the signs of battle.
Searching through the mines we found a lot of gold, gems, vials of liquids and parchments. We rested halfway through our trek due to Cyrus losing his Wolf companion, replacing him with a Dire Bat called Attila. During our 24 hour rest we were greeted by a Snake creature that slithered up, and waiting while Remmar burnt a ladder to block it. The “Naga” delivered a letter to the party, saying it was meant for the half-elf. Reading: “To those who left me in the ocean, I will return”.
From the rest we continued our search, finding more items and enemies to fight. We ended our trek just after defeating a Fire Elemental that Remmar sprung to life by bashing in a door.
Revived Faurgor and Remmar
Entered Accrios Passage and cleared a majority of it out.
Cyrus got a new Companion as Attila the Bat




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