Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session 14 (HavokLord)

Session Recap:
The brave adventurers continued their exploration of the temple ruins. Lead by Remmar and Adrian, the Group advanced further into the dungeon either triggering traps or detecting and disabling them. There were several traps within every room or corridor. The corridors twisted and turned but the group continued on.By this time the group had established a marching order for lighting and trap detection. Remmar would lead with Adrian behind but already having checked for traps. Remmar would then only trigger traps that Adrian could not find. They were followed closely by Paltaris, who was glowing and providing light for the party, then by Rhovandir, Faurgor and Vidi.
The group eventually came to a room and discovered a secret door. The door how ever was only openable by using 2 levers and solving the picture puzzle. By cooperating, taking turns and combined cleverness the group managed to get the door to open. The group then entered the secret room. Within this room there was a large statue of a snake, a holy monument.
The group gave the statue a quick search but found nothing special. The group then split up for a while with Remmar, Paltaris and Vidi continuing to explore more corridors. This was short lived as the other discover something special with the statue and triggered something that caused it to speak. The group quickly reunited to unravel the mystery of message. The more long term members of the party pieced together the riddle and soon Remmar stepped forward with his magical amulet. The message was about a special chosen one that was evidently Remmar because he possessed the amulet. A magical event happened and a rainbow of light went between the statue to the amulet and then the amulet disappeared.
This triggered the statute to crumble and fall. The statue was very large and almost fell on 2-3 member of the group. Fortunately one was seriously injured. However simultaneously barriers came slamming down and blocked many of the exit and doors the brave adventurers had come through. The group then need to find a new way out of the ruined temple.
They group started exploring several passages all at the same time and the group became separated. At one point Remmar fell down a 100 foot pit and was discovered down there by Paltaris. Remmar had to be rescued by the other party members. From that point on mostly stayed together although Vidi and Faurgar stopped exploring the dungeon while the other continued to search for a way out and discover everything in the temple. There were many winding corridors, traps and a few chest behind locked doors. The party found thousands of gold and 3 wands plus a very nice mace.
Meanwhile outside the temple a battle was ongoing and making lots of noise. Faugar and Vidi went out to investigate and assist the residents of the village while the other finished their search.
Outside the battle was raging between lizardfolk and the villagers. Fires were burning and the lizardfolk were attacking guards and villagers. But 1 particular battle stands out as several guards have a man in black(MIB) surrounded and are attacking him. The MIB is however an excellent swordsman and has the guards severely out classed. The guards cannot hit him and continue to hit each other by mistake. In the end MIB killed all the guards.
Meanwhile the group has entered the fray and began helping the guards fight the lizardfolk. Rhovandir rode his horse to help defend the villagers from the lizardfolk attacks. The others continued fight lizardfolk closer to the temple. The guards did not appreciate the groups help and at times attempted to attack the group members. Paltaris had approached the MIB with the intention of helping the poor guards. He was warned by the other more experienced members that MIB was beyond the group’s skills and abilities.
About this time 2 Men in White(MIW) appeared and began attacking MIB. They eventually beat MIB down to the point were hit committed suicide or at least it appeared to be suicide. MIB transformed into a large snake and began attacking everyone close by. The group attacked the large snake, cutting and injuring it. Each wound caused it to release smaller snakes that attacked the group. With assistance of the MIW the party destroyed the snake causing it to birth again to the MIB.
The MIB then ran away. The MIW asked if we wanted to continue chasing him. The group said yes. 1 of the MIW offered potions to the party members to help catch the MIB. The party drank to potions and then proceeded to pass out. Rhovandir was further away and had not yet taken a potion when the others started passing out. As Rhovandir rode up Faurgar, Rammar, Adrain and Vidi all fell to the ground. Paltaris turned invisible. Rhovandir was attacked and almost killed by the MIW. Paltaris healed Rhovandir but could not revive him and he was also captured by the MIW. The MIW took the group to an airship. Paltaris attempted to stowaway but was alos captured.
The whole group awoke days later in individual prison cells.



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