Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Session 12 (Fish)

Session Recap:
Waking up in their newly acquired home the group meet to discuss what the plans are for the town and the group. As Rhovandir was already searching for new land for his people he stood forward and took the lead of the new ‘project’ as some of the other party members just nodded their heads as they didnt really understand what was happening.
Knowing that the town needed both supplys and guards Rhovandir and Adrien (group 1) decided to travel to Stobran as they knew that the council there would happily lend a hand. As for Remmar and Faurgor (group 2) took guard duty with Vibi tampering with her toys at the pub.
Group 1: on the road towards Stobran they spotted a regular ‘face’ in the form of the red capped figure. not wanting any troble they try move silently and hide however the Red cape was to quick for them as he followed the noice, saw the horse with the group on top and swung his blade, however as Rhovandir is a master horseman he avoids the blow and rushes of to their destination.
meanwhile Group 2 decided to investigate the one house which seemed to be emptied. Not wanting to brake down any doors which belong to the party Remmar used the aid of the snake however the snake was uneasy and told Faurgor that it smelt blood on the other side. So remmar doing what he dose best broke in and they noticed 3 dead guardsmen on the floor and on closer inspection had a simble recognised by Faurgor burnt into their heads. As they was about to check the upstairs area they heard a band and rushing up see a holl in the wall. Faurgor used his brain and walk outside to check it out as Remmar ‘trys’ to jump out. after landing remmar notices someone they know by face, great power and the lack of ability to jump :P. This time he didnt really say much however Remmar tryed to get him to talk and almost died doing letting Lyon past and he just walked away.
Group 1: after reaching the town they head straight to the council and asked about supplies, guards and if they can get people from the poor district. The council only had one problem and that was that the group couldn’t just take ownership of there land without the correct documentation, which they get after a couple houses and 2 dragon bites on the hand. The first thing they did was go to the guard captain who also the captain at Wallrath. The captain seemed shocked by the group’s new powers and didnt seem to happy about it either. however following orders he gave the guards which was requested. then going to the poor district and managing to get 43 people who wanted to join.
On there travles back group one saw a tired looking Lyon who didnt cause no troulbe and just walked past.
Group 2: After resting from the fight the group did their rounds and at the gates saw the red cloaked figure. Not allowing strangers into there new home Remmar and Fargour wanted to talk however all they got was voices in there heads asking them to move. As the red Clocked didnt seem to cause a problem the group let him pass but with a close eye on him. As soon as they noticed his intentions was to gain the airship so the group attacks and remmar howls for Vibi. as the group tried to stop him remmar fell unconscious and was pickedup with a blade to his throat so the group and no choice but to let him go.
After returning to the town Rhovandir assined the new guards and townspeople to there places and once all information was passed on, the mage in the town made mayor (or what ever) the group headed of to the arena which holds great fortuen which would help forming this new town. On there way the party see a load of dead corpses and hears “ooh more meat for the slaughter boys” (somthing along them lines)




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