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Alf Log Session 56 - (Fish)

Session Recap:
The party stairs at the body of Gavriel Samael, expecting him to raise from the dead yet again. The tension starts to die out after about 6 seconds (because we have seen them come back on their next turn). With the battle over Carric has a thought in his mind about the large creature david and how he fits into the world around him but nothing comes to mind. At the same time the party is silent as vibi enjoyed a sandwich.
The party decide to split into 2 groups, one hanging back and protecting Rygandas allowing him to move his dimension. The other went on a killing spree taking out what lizard folks they could see and with a few ‘choice words’ from Vibi the human guards didn’t attack them, some say she was a good diplomat as others say she scared them.
As the attack party return they inform the rest of the group of a approaching King and Ralph Berserk. Not wanting any involvement in this attack the party decide to teleport away as Rygandas was ready, (we will just ignore the fact that vibi announced herself to a load of city guards).
Once returned to the town Dyfros remembers he has a powerful scale necklaces which needs to be purified and Carric does the same, (Dyfros leaves the temple thinking he might have pissed of the snake people just a little bit with his special mind).

Meeting in the town hall the party plan their next movement. Knowing they needed the other necklace and that the only one they know of is in that hands of Maneam who had been seen in a cave close to Irlenborn. Using the mages to teleport over to a close location the party notice a flag meaning Parlay in draconic. However the forgetful brains of the High intelligent party members left the ALL POWERFUL NECKLACE back at the town, however the was fixed with a quick teleport :3.
Deciding for once to follow the rules of war and not attack under the flag of parlay they just walk up to the lizard folk camp who were extremely welcoming. Leading the party into the cave going deeper and deeper until they come across a long open corridor with good old Maneam sitting on some fancy style of throne. With a very tense conversation mainly between Carric and Maneam (mainly because most of the party sit in silance) with the occasional stupid comment from Dyfros whose reputations for the dumbest mage isn’t going anywhere.
Maneam agrees to hand over the necklace on one simple condition, that we pass his trails. Obviously the party are a bit wary of the situation but with Maneam saying if we don’t take this offer we will fight him and the trail at the same time the party knew they didn’t have much choice.
And so it begins, another fight where the party will probably come out of it either dead or just hanging on. A hydra along with 2 massive worms appear along with a glowing orb. Knowing they take extra damage from Fire dyfros decides to step up and show off the power he has casting not 1 but 2 Blast of Flames spells taking them down, in shock of how easy it was he forgot that he could move and well quickly got killed but a load of devils and anouther hydra with a extra head, and soo continues the story of the stupid mage.

Party decide to run from the scene of a crime so they are not thought to be apart of it even tho vibi annouced her self…. To most of the guards.
Dyfros and Diana grow tails.
Carric spends a few hours thing of his long lost beautiful sword and decides not to make a new one yet and reads a book.
At you hear the voice of a lonely angel.
The party shockingly follow the rules of war.

This log is not even close to the level of Stu or Jii, so yeah deal with it <3
Sorry i cant get you all bonus exp i am just not good with this smart stuff, i mean look at Dyfros



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