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Alf Log Session 55 - (JiiBee)

Session Recap:

Once we had confirmed that Axl was merely unconscious, we left the facility before any more security could be sent after us. Unfortunately we were unable to all return to Sababurn, and Vibiana, Ruby, Carric, Kalinth and I had to be left behind while the rest returned to fully finish what we had gone to the facility for. Upon their arrival they were met with four red cloaked figures awaiting them, demanding what they called a world gem.
Not long after the others had left, those same figures appeared to greet us, voicing the same demand. Most of us were confused as to what they meant, but before we could voice this, Vibiana took out one of the gems we had seen in the facility’s map room, presenting it to the figures. They accepted it back and disappeared, but not without telling us that “the cost of many lives is now on your shoulders”. Vibiana seemed apologetic of her actions, though it remains to be seen whether or not she truly understood the full consequences of what she did.
We found shelter deeper in the woods, and early next morning regrouped with the rest and discussed our plan of attack regarding Stretton. Our planning was cut short, as we saw some dark clouds over the city and decided to hurry, worried that that meant Samael’s attack was already under way. Indeed, we arrived to find Stretton under siege by lizardfolk, and without further hesitation we joined the fray. Our party got separated as Carric, Morgan and I made our way towards Regindas’ shop, where a gruesome sight awaited – piles of dead guards, laid in the middle of street, with one man standing amidst the carnage. Gavriel. Carric and I, both fuelled by deep hatred towards this man, attacked him, however he seemed unphased by this and even attempted to walk away, after calling in a dragon-like being to his aid. Carric was having none of that, as he instantly appeared in front Gavriel, adamant in his effort to take the kinslayer down. I followed close behind, though not before Gavriel called in yet another monster, a large construct made out of bodies of lizardfolk.
While we held our own against Gavriel and the construct, the rest of our group was dealing with the lizard. During our side of the battle Carric was rendered both deaf and blind and his defenses were severely hindered. We both got briefly trapped underneath rubble by the construct, after which its attack cost me my eyesight as well. Morgan gave us some time to rise back, however unaware of Gavriel’s abilities she nearly lost her life, had it not been for Ruby for being there just in time. The rest of our group were also now joining us, having dealt with the lizard and survived its final assault. While still blind and only able to hear the battle, I also heard something else – an outside power that was lending its power to my breath weapon. I regained my sight just in time to witness Carric unleashing an attack beyond his usual prowess upon Gavriel. While hindered by his ailments, he was still able to deal a considerable blow. Biding my time for the best opening, I found it after having Gavriel go down and get up once more. It was a gamble, and I only had the one shot – I unleashed the full potential of my breath weapon on Gavriel, and waited. It had worked – Gavriel was dead, for good this time.


Axl lives!
Short party split with Vibiana almost destroying another world
Wolfman and Axl are sent on their way
Regroup and continue to Stretton
Which is under attack by lots of lizardfolk
And Gavriel
Who summons an undead dragonlizard thing
And a construct made of dead lizardfolk with a trapped soul of a dragonslayer
Carric, Faurgor and Morgan take on Gavriel, while the rest battle the lizard, who uses Self-Destruct.
It’s super-effective. Nobody dies though
The Boccob items of Faurgor and Carric activate and are unleashed on Gavriel
And finally he goes down for the last time.


And then there was a lot of lemurs.



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