Chaos in Alf - Roll20

Alf Log Session 53 - (Jack)

Session Recap:

After the battle of an Army and a very very weak Clerisa (or Vibi is too damn strong) the party gather in the towns hall to discuss some matters while Diana is dragging around the bloody, soulless body of Clerisa Dire. After a long discussion at the table the party have decided to attack the Facility after it went so well the first time. The party split off to do their own things and then rest for the following day where they commence their attack. The following day the party meets up and sends word to Regindas, “bring town’s people back and more teleports”. Sure, anyone can understand that right? Regindas will totally believe it was down by someone older than five. Totally. After they have sent word Carric drags the body of Clerisa to the snake and offers up the body to them. She hasn’t been through enough just yet. Taken down in less than a second, had an anti-magic circle on her as she was unconscious, throat has be slashed while unconscious, soul has been eaten and now the body to be eaten? This lady must have done a lot in her life to deserve all of this attention!
After the party left no trace of Clerisa they asked Regindas to once again teleport them outside the facility. Vibi scouts out the area with her scope and after the scouting is done she notifies the party it’s time to engage after a little planning. A small party enters the building first to speak to the lady at the desk, needlessly to say it ended up with the lady being knocked out and a group of large elements suddenly appearing. The rest of the party rush in to help and some people got a little wet, some had their hair blowing. Some hit something hard and others got a little burnt. Otherwise it was all a “breeze” (see what I did there, yeah, no? okay..)
The party moves up and Achlys, being her sneaky self, asks the party to stay a little behind so the people who can move silently can sneak around. Kalinth on the other had disregards what was said and makes a ruckus anyway and then notifies the man who was happily working away. Scared the life out of him. Achlys turns around, has a go then moves on. Sneaking around happily. Says it’s clear, decides to run over loudly and things come in for the attack. The rogue is as smart as ever you see, always keeping you on your toes where she should be on hers more often. Once the battle ends the party move up to a small man whose ears have been taken off, Achlys grabs him and pulls him around to face Carric. This man mistook Achlys for a man named Fred, she decided to go along with it and left him to continue his work. As the sneaky portion of the party continued on the encounter a couple of people who Morgan instantly ran up to and killed. The party search the room and find someone in a capsule. Adrien, how lovely.

Clerisa was taken care of, brutally
The party got wet, hot, caught a little breeze and hit with a rock
Kalinth doesn’t understand sneaky, or simple commands
Achlys needs to learn to stay on her toes, and use a thing called a brain
Achlys is now Fred
Adrien looks fiiiinnnneeeeee when he sleeping




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