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Alf Log Session 50 (Samurai)

  • Session Recap:*

After the party finished the second tower in a heartbeat, they then decided to tackle the final tower once and for all to achieve ultimate power in order to fight back against the enemies of Sababurn. As they progressed through this tower, it seemed that each floor had to had some sort of puzzle or sequence of events completed before the door to the next floor would open up. Such examples of these puzzles include making a winning strategy for a giant game of chess, to setting up traps in a bottle neck choke point in combating Wererats. Everything seemed all dandy, until the group of heroes make it to the forth floor, which has proven to be a major challenge of a few wizards and some Clay Golems, downing Dyfros and Diana and having the casters expend most of their spells. With Achlys taking on the Wizards, and Carric, Kalinth, and some summons taking down the Gloems, the group decided to rest to regain some spells.


  • Starting of 3rd tower
  • Each floor be a puzzle or certain event must be done to progress
  • FUCKING GOLEMS!!11 >:(
  • Killed them, amz tired, tiem to slept.

GOD DAMN FUCKING GOLEMS AND WIZARDS! Also, my memory is a bit hazy, so this turned out super lazy. Sorry



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