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Alf Log Session 49 (Fish)

Session Recap:
Starting just after the group pick up the 3 items Vibi and ruby decides to join in the fights and puzzles rather than sitting in the back.
Setting of through the next door which lead to the next floor in the tower the party was met with nothing but black ness and a few of the members with short term memory loss and split from the party. Wondering around lost in the dark Dyfros notices a black shady character dart just to the side of his view then vanish, with nothing stopping him he carried on moving with is wife. After a little walk the couple hear a gunshot, recognising that the shot was from vibi they at least knew she couldn’t be far, however with the halls in the place the sounds bounced around.
After finding Carric Ruby and Kalinth, Dyfros notices Carric with a stab wound in his shoulder, confused they decide to keep walking. Untill they came across a tall ‘man?’ with tentacle coming out of him. Noticing Vibi next to him with a few injuries the party decideds to attack as normal. After almost a 100 (maybe less) tentacles attack mainly Carric. The party manage to take down this monster with a final cold orb from Dyfros freezing the beast in place.
Moving through the darkness as a full party to find yet another door leading to a staircase going up. This time instead of being met by darkness the group find a large open room with a blue orb at the top and a strong peacing light which seemed to reflect of the statutes. The group quickly worked out what needs doing however doing it was an issue. After successfully getting the light beam to the Blue orb which had no effect the group needed to use a statue closer to the Orb for a stronger light beam. After a few hours and a load of mistakes the party (mainly Carric Vibi and Dyfros) solved the puzzle and then got teleported by the blue orb into anouther dark room oooohhh spookyyy (so what’s gonna try kill use this time). After vibi was having a look around vibi found a large pile of Bones, no skin no nothing just skeletal bones. After grouping back up the party hear a scraping of metal along the floor to the east. Carric taking the lead orders the party to form up getting the physically strong members on the front line. Just as we was ready the orb in the center shines a bright light causing the room to be visible and to show a large man wielding a even larger sword who was not impressed with the highly skilled and impressive horn playing of Diana causing the create to charge at diana. After a near death experience the party took advantage of the creature being distracted by a load of lions.
Going back to the orb the group was teleported to what seemed to be the final room as it was the same as the last tower. Following the same pattern the group touch the Large orb to be visited by a normal size person for once however he was terrifying. However the group was final prepared for a fight, drinking potions casting spells we was confident managing to take the Nightmare down before it could do its job.
Going back to the Orb the group all get visions of fights they never had however they all gain the knowledge of the battle’s and become stronger. Gaining both experience and other special abilities.

No more scary children, But Slend….. I mean Man? Was not a nice person to have visit.
And a metal head pyramid guy who doesn’t like music, damn he deserved to die.
Ohh and thank the gods we decided to spell/potion up before the boss fight, god knows what would have happened if he turned fully red, (literally god of the world (im looking at you Napaztrix) is the only one who knows )




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